Website promotion personnel of the 9 most commonly used methods of Shanghai Dragon


Website promotion personnel of the 9 most commonly used methods of Shanghai Dragon

website has a lot of new owners is to pay attention to the weight of the web site included, in fact we consider not included in the article but Links issues us to find the weights of 2 included faster Links website, if the news website is 2 weight and they can do Links that is the best. Do Links our website naturally faster. The site was collected, to establish a high quality the chain to the high weight of the stationmaster net contribution, contribute more than 5 times basically can attract some webmaster friends circle. At the same time, the article in the search engine ranking will be in front. Included fast solved the problem.

website of Shanghai Dragon technology is a website optimization promotion, but now it is the most popular business from the media and content, although there are many webmaster know using self promotion website media, but a few years of promotion website weight is only 2 to 3. The fundamental problem is not with the other major technology. Today the school operation for everyone to pay attention to the combination of several other methods of website promotion.


The establishment of The promotion of News Promotion

4, search engine products

propaganda video tutorial


has the resources is to establish a network system in Shanghai, and these 360 love Sogou search engine website to promote our reputation, than their products. We first used in portal published news reports > 100


we have some resources on the Internet we must quickly improve the system, don't write news reports, but to open network visibility and a group of authors and fans, if the good can and in the portal news site or Internet technology / channel to contribute, writing is not so good to find or to hire an editor also, first with the knowledge on the portal site to attract attention. Basically the success of our website submission will be all portal sites know, because in these news portal website submission of success will be forwarded all other portal sites, we contribute more than 5 times will be known. You can then write news reports.

2, the establishment of Links

when a new website, the first is not the weight of the two not included three no traffic, that is to say what is not, then we must make our website to get fast flow increase weight. The most reliable is the first recorded a video tutorial video posted to the website, the general release of the video will be a lot of people to see, this will soon drive traffic, immediately immediately improve weight. We set up the website for there will be a site name, is our website keywords, we recorded in the video uploaded video get a set of keywords out modified into our website, it will quickly make our website name keyword index has reached the rapid rise of popular keywords, our natural site in search of weight the engine will once again raise the keyword ranking.

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