The website has not been updated snapshot of how to do


The website has not been updated snapshot of how to do

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can not open the cause, all for a long time, still did not recover. So the website space must be stable, never to have a little money, buy a good, there is time to buy space as far as possible to buy IP, it is very helpful for optimization, not affected by other websites.

first, everyone says there is a direct relationship between the snapshot not update and the front page, I recently home is never updated, even if the update is a simple update, can achieve the whole page 5% on the good, and do not know the Never mind, I actually did not dare to carry out large-scale update the website home page is K off the main the reason is the last adjustment on the web page. We can try, maybe the snapshot can be updated, at least when the search engine to crawl to crawl into something new.

Hello, I am Harbin and website design, website snapshot has not updated recently, I started to have the passion to do outside the chain, but now no way, a lot of customers is also, alas, very melancholy. But still have to do ah, no way, only the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of other websites, and everyone in that way to pull off, I hope to help.

can be seen in most of the snapshot for a long time, but there are many cancelled links, there are several K stood, I don't know how to deal with, after all, Shanghai has been very recently love is normal, if lost, may influence in his impression, said on these links do not stand fair, are connected for several years, so I suggest getting rid of several K station, the other station keeps normal, in exchange for some quick snapshot update Links it best. Don't are removed, you may not drop right problem, it is likely to be completely out of the K.


This is because


fourth: space may be unstable, but I had a deficit, the last one is the server problems, there is no recovery of

third: the original site is good, actually a lot of poor rankings may still be very good, but since we find them, you have to see is not caused, if we usually collect or the content of the original is false, or appropriate adjustment, it is certainly not well, I suggest that every day update several pieces of the original, no time to update a few days can be, the best in the home embodiment, the above said the page update is very important.

second: Links drag, I never found what Links standing but better, may love Shanghai this adjustment to the Links to cheat a big blow, or is the Links snapshot overall update is very slow, there are a lot of K station, station and my design, upgrade this

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