The website snapshots included experience


The website snapshots included experience

, the 6 generation path of all articles from three grade a grade. Although this may have an effect. But I do. Now seems to have little effect. The meeting included slowly.

an eye my station in October last year, the new revision of up to do, in addition to the domain name changed. The previous snapshot is every week or more. It is also not fast. Can be said to be very slow. This morning found the next day the website snapshot eye. It is a surprise last night. Later I found the hair of the article are included. And I tried it, an article made a few hours is included. I wonder whether the weight up. Otherwise, snapshot and included so fast ah. Your grades like this one. I this month on the site but with blood. The following conclusion about possible reasons:

2, I put the site title change some long. By refining shorter. May love Shanghai love home long title. He doesn't love you, then your update included the same affected. It should meet the habit of it. I used to the title of each short sentence with Hunan Changsha. May let search overlapping phenomenon. Now I feel as long as a band is. You can study the word segmentation technology. I removed the repeated is concise. In addition to see whether the word used.

3, tiger map generated three map files. Hanging at the bottom. Each page is the same. We can see the bottom of the hnwjyk贵族宝贝.


5, at ninety in the morning every day to update the article. Daily update the appearance of article ten. There are some time. May be associated with quantitative timing.

4, plus the skill. As I and article general take some opinions from others in the long passage. It's an article into a few of my article. This may produce original effect.

to the new snapshot and included first key to update the site every day. Let love Shanghai think your home is a change of content. You make it feel stable quantitative timing. Some other I think is to cater to the tastes of the search. With its love. You love it. >

, the first 1 page navigation under the middle of a regional news column by the original changed the latest display. From the original die section into live area. Because it has not been a new piece of content is no doubt the search spider will update. From the beginning to judge you whether the page some updates in himself. Although you add the article on the front page. If the call is at the bottom. It is not a cold. So let the update region show as far as possible in front. This is my own Changsha rental network changes the position of the forum last night. Although the reasons may affect the appearance. But for the optimization of the need to do so. Eye see hnwjyk贵族宝贝. See the myzfw贵族宝贝 rental network. May see my rent nets. If you also have the effect that really has influence. I just heard that before this view. And there is no proof.

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