The natural ranking combined with love let Shanghai bidding keywords invulnerable


The natural ranking combined with love let Shanghai bidding keywords invulnerable

some friends will ask, your site target keywords ranking has been very good, why waste money to do promotion, that is to burn the place, is that rich people do promotion places, not suitable for ordinary people to try, really? That is not the case, only to control their bid to promote the reasonable the background, can still control the daily hits and cost price, also can bring more benefits, do the bidding promotion should pay attention to several methods:

do for promotion is to let all the words are written to love Shanghai promotion background? In this way is feasible, but in order to save more money, and to have the same good results, can try to have the natural ranking keywords don't do for promotion, the keywords ranking is no rankings or behind the keyword for promotion thus, the natural ranking and for promotion of the big power. < >

for promotion must be combined with their own website to mining, mining or the conversion of keywords, so I don't have too much money, but can not see the slightest effect, not in order to improve the click, and add the relevant keywords, and some popular words are not related to business, one day can be consumed you lost tens of thousands of money and not a telephone consultation, so to remind friends this is very important, the exception should always pay attention to their own accounts, some love Shanghai promotion staff will give you to add a lot of irrelevant keywords up, no experience of love Shanghai for friends tend to have large losses, so before making love in Shanghai the auction is best to first learn this skill, or find a known love Shanghai promotion personnel, so as not to be fooled.

three, ranking the page keywords can choose not to do the promotion of

The relative path display page Two,

display page with keywords related


Shanghai bidding by their love filled, if every point in it is the keywords into your home page, it does not have a relevance for many product pages, giving customers a good show, even if users click to enter your site, see related products or description of it don't buy the idea; so each keyword best to do a keyword related pages, the detailed description of related products, the best side show to the user, so the conversion rate has greatly improved a lot.

website only the key words natural ranking, sometimes is not enough, if combined with love Shanghai auction do promotion, then no doubt it will make the website of the product sales to play a bigger role, personally think that the natural Ranking Ranking keywords bring is mainly to the phase when the heat, long tail keywords, popular words is generally a lot of weight high website attention, many webmaster look at fiercely as a tiger does spend time and energy, so also very much, if can reasonable use of love Shanghai bidding phase, the product sales is no doubt to "fire" effect.

, a key words must be relevant to the keyword

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