What is the website optimization we want


What is the website optimization we want

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first, website optimization. Now most of the webmaster for the search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm also told us to get its approval to comply with its rules and user experience. To meet this requirement, before we know the Shanghai dragon skills, enhance the quality of the site itself is the most important. First, web design not only to meet the requirements of the industry, but also to meet the user's visual experience and convenient use; then, the layout of the site should be fine, do stand in the user's point of view to the forum site, the distribution to the user's perspective (by love hot page section adjustment to the sea); finally, the content of the website to meet the user search, we can understand to want the user what they want to know and solve the problem of the answer, but not for sale or keywords ranking and articles, of course the most important thing is in line with the industry theme and the theme of the site.

network era makes many enterprises with clever regional network opportunities, and at that service can be generalized to a greater extent. Also at this time, small and medium-sized enterprises have also begun to make a website in order to get more profit for the enterprise from the network. Also at this time Shanghai dragon Er became active in the network, paving the way for the construction of enterprise network marketing. But with the search engine service extension, many times we are in Shanghai to Phoenix end and Shanghai Dragon technology still talk with eloquence stationmaster also began to shake. The ranking is not good? Poor website weights no web site traffic?......" These are the major forum and Q group's remarks, let the author Dennis began to reflect on the website optimization we want is just the

second, the optimization of the audience. The audience is carrying a website activity, a web site can be more than the number of audience attention and active degree of care website. Site audience in >

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is talking about the Shanghai ER and the Dragon reckoned lost in the same period, just to see the site keywords ranking or website traffic. Don't deny that many enterprises in Shanghai to ER Longfeng is often the result of two indicators, but to do this difficult? We all know that, if only for the flow or ranking we have a large number of methods can make it by leaps and bounds, but that is a virtual value of website contribution does not have any advantage.

into thinking, thinking about. What are we going to the website optimization? From the business point of view, to the site of a single rate. On the website of Shanghai dragon Er to do is to target the website marketing plan. So how to achieve it?

every day in the site optimization, Shanghai Dragon technology, and the author Dennis is lost stage. Every day in the update site content, the chain of production and so on, but the site optimization is just so true? As is the website ranking? Website traffic or online sales? Here I ask Dan at the same time, we also want to ask everyone to the website optimization is what


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