The web page layout techniques to increase site traffic


The web page layout techniques to increase site traffic


do site covers a very narrow, then you do not need a lot of, a wide range of content, and distinctive characteristics, will make this kind of website talent shows itself. To do a self introduction of the website, this article is applicable. Accurate positioning can distinguish the visitors, if the mobile phone website, certainly hope to visit the viewer on the mobile phone and not interested in computer. So the website traffic will be very high quality.

2. login search engine


3. do Links

and the homepage art design, the overall framework of the structure is reasonable, is matched with the homepage content map with you, the overall color is coordinated and so on. All affect the viewer the impression when looking into the site in the browser will stay for some time, otherwise you may find the content they want, it will jump out of the page. Some little homepage content is very good, but the art is very well, it will also be a successful home.

Using the

search engine is that users must master the skills. The registration of the search engine is the most original website promotion method is most effective. The search engine login entrance a lot of articles online, casual search can get the login address. The registration of search engines, everything is free, easy to fill in some forms can be done once and for all. Search engine submission will generally half a month like ranking, of course started not so good.

do the professional such as literature and academic aspects of the site, so requires a broad point of the content, only place their work is definitely too little, involves too narrow, how to do? We can go to other sites to pick some content, so it can satisfy the need. This increase in site traffic is very effective.

is the most in need of every webmaster site traffic. Whether it is done simply rely on advertising alliance site, or do the electronic commerce industry station, station, or rely on search engines rely on promotion and reputation, or products and services allow users to take the initiative to find a home. It is in the flow; whether it is valid or invalid user users, long-term users or short-term users, access website is the most direct traffic, although there are good products and services, even if there are few users website flow solid foundation can also Everfount profit, but the flow is always the basic website, webmaster hope the better your site traffic.

1. the accurate positioning

"wine is not afraid of deep alley is not suitable for the modern internet society. So do to do traffic, although different website traffic requirements are not the same, but all is to promote. So how to increase website traffic? To do this in several places:

is a website the best place Links. Whether it is text or images, on the website of the publicity is effective, looking for some good ranking website, PR>

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