Alibaba wants to invest Uber rival Grab to join the shared travel financing warCompared to earnings


Alibaba wants to invest Uber rival Grab to join the shared travel financing warCompared to earnings

Lei Feng public No.: Lei Feng network understanding, the message is revealed by an insider to Bloomberg, founder of Alibaba and Softbank group will likely Ma Masayoshi Son to invest in Grab.

learned that Softbank will be in the Grab's latest round of financing accounted for the major share of the commitment to invest $1 billion. On the other hand, Ma Yun's capital injection will probably come from the Alibaba group or its subsidiary, the ant king. According to informed sources, Didi travel is also considering joining the round of financing.

last year, Grab said it had completed a $750 million F round of financing, a record of corporate finance in Southeast Asia, valued at $3 billion. So, once the $1 billion 500 million investment landed, Grab market value will refresh last year's record.

in addition to focus on diet pills or breast enhancement medicine, there are quite a number of owners love to build large and Taobao off site, as we live in the same mall, in the hope of comprehensive product in order to retain the most potential users, in fact, this idea is the wrong strategy. Because many Taobao guest are grassroots webmaster, a person in the construction site, capital, energy and ability are limited, if the net is too large, will cause the product quality and customer service service can not be guaranteed, you know now Taobao off site of intense competition, a little more of a keyword hard, so when we do Taobao customers can choose one of their own good, specialize in, what do the industry would be profitable.

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day before, according to foreign media reports, the Alibaba intends to join the Grab company $1 billion 500 million fund-raising, the plan is being discussed. Grab, one of Uber's most competitive rivals, is a leading travel sharing company in Southeast Asia, headquartered in singapore.

from the development of 09 years, Taobao company has gradually become the main mode of grassroots webmaster profit, take me, do 10 people in 8 is related to Taobao customers do business, look at those people in the League more than four digits of the Commission, indeed let us admire. No purchase, no shop, just a code, plus appropriate promotion, the Commission immediately arrived at their own accounts, this profit model for many young people yearning. But I want to say is not Taobao off the glossy surface, but it is behind the actual situation, compared to those who earn more than four digit Taobao customers, more stationmaster a month can only earn 100-200 dollars, some even only a few dollars also not mentioned, even the Internet is not enough. Although not so miserable, but the situation is not very optimistic, thanks to their industry is not to Taobao, as a guest, but not for profit website who was also not very comfortable. So why is this effect, he thought for a long time, and also compared the successful Taobao customers around, eventually found himself is not profitable, in addition to the promotion of inappropriate ways outside more is not a correct cognition for Taobao customers, so I put the ideas we hope to share to help.

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involves a large range, does not mean that high turnover, but will make himself empty handed,


public information shows that Grab was founded in 2012 by two Harvard Business School Graduates and is headquartered in singapore. Grab was once named GrabTaxi, and its initial business model was the use of maps and LBD technology to deploy commuter services for nearby commuters. Today, Grab through its app provides a series of more comprehensive sharing of travel business, and logistics services, and covering 7 countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Indonesia. In July 2016, Grab registered 350000 drivers, and app downloaded 19 million times.

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, Uber have besieged on all sides more and more from the global competitors need to face.

speculated that the participation of Ali to share the new round of financing giant travel, is intended to layout the mobile payment market, and share with Tencent Inc. In May of this year, Tencent invested in another Go-Jek in Southeast Asia to promote its mobile payment service in the Southeast Asian market. Today, Grab has reached a partnership with the ants, and passengers can pay by Grab's app payment service.

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