Rimula men’s CEO Hong Zhongxin to create wealth to an organization with temperatureVigorous nternet


Rimula men’s CEO Hong Zhongxin to create wealth to an organization with temperatureVigorous nternet


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this lively scene, let the "pioneer" Rimula men's CEO Hong Zhongxin and entrepreneur media founder Niu Wenwen the two "old man" feel very happy.


if this is the case, then the final victory of competition products, will undoubtedly become an important mobile market flow entrance. The entrance is familiar with the concept of the Internet, but the broker does not seem to care about, so if a large number of investors to transfer these products, firms will not be strangling the throat of

lead: as a technology media, we write this article in the original intention is to explore the Internet business to the securities industry changes. Brokerage business as the main source of revenue, providing only the channel of the transaction, the added value is very low, it seems very easy to be transformed by the internet.


this wave of Internet securities business, many are based on mobile terminal. No matter the starting point is the community, or with capital investment consulting services, almost all products will eventually increase the transaction and account function, to achieve closed-loop.

March 25th, the Olympic Park in Beijing, spring flowers in bloom, flags fluttering. A group from all over the country's wealth, with the famous angel investors, fund it real founder Xu Xiaoping, Dongsheng Group founder Guo Jiaxue, U.S. stocks listed 500 lottery network founder Luo Zhaohang, Dunhuang network founder Wang Shutong, sina.cn editor Chen Tong Beijing, Kerry and a product of founder Liu Jingjing, former vice president of Sohu Liu Chun, composed of entrepreneurship, innovation, and wealth for other teams, 10000 meters hike, in order to declare China first wealth crowd of the organization - "Rimula - wealth sink establishment. These business stars and wealth together on the way forward, to complete the shot put silent walking, teamwork, obstacles and other tasks, for the first and fall over each other goes forward.

in fact, this is not a new problem, in the PC era, flush and great wisdom almost ruled the securities software market, more than 70% of the domestic brokerage companies do not have their own trading software. Among them, flush has nearly 100 million of users, this amount is almost equivalent to the total number of Chinese shareholders.

has been the impact of the Internet's all a hideous mess in the retail industry, the securities industry is still in the barrier wall in live licence but in addition to the license, happy and pleased with oneself, we are going to want to know how to keep from the brokerage fee revenue? Tall on the financial industry to face the impact of the Internet, resistance is not small than uncle in the grocery store some strong

Niu Wenwen founded entrepreneur magazine in 2008 after he left the position of editor in chief of China entrepreneur magazine. And other financial business magazines will spotlight on Chinese and the world's top 500 enterprises who are different, "entrepreneurs" spotlight on small and medium-sized enterprises, as reported and found in various industries, to subvert the challenger and leader of responsibility, and put forward a slogan called "creative industry, innovation and wealth". After 5 years of development, entrepreneurship has become the first from a magazine Chinese business service platform, with "entrepreneurs" magazine, I net, horse horse competition, horse camp, horse, horse mentor fund products and services. But even so, he still felt the media entrepreneurs just covered the "capital" of the entrepreneurial crowd, he said that these entrenched in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a second tier city entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs day. The most widely Chinese earth wealth crowd entrepreneurs are not actually the depth of service. But he also believes that these people is the cornerstone of Chinese Economy: "this country if you want to go, we essentially to those Small and micro businesses, recognition of those industrial wealth crowd, if you do not know the value of this group of people, sooner or later we will empty badly."

"off licence underpants, retail industry today, is whether the securities industry of tomorrow?" this is what we expected the title, but that really true? With vigour and vitality's Internet business, in the end will not move to the brokerage

in the second half of 2013, hung Chung and Niu Wenwen had a chance to have tea together and talk about each other's business. This was allowed to undergo chemical changes unimaginable between the two "old man", Niu Wenwen said to Hong Zhongxin, Hong Zhongxin said to Niu Wenwen, they fell in love at first sight.

Hong Zhongxin from his personal experience, and with partners and friends to exchange wealth crowd trouble.

traffic entrance, is it a sore throat?

"in this industry, all products will become competitors, users will eventually retain only one or two stocks of App, which is the law of all vertical industries."." The first to express this point of view is the founder of fun stocks Huang Hao, after which there are several other entrepreneurs who agreed.

was with his father Hong Zhongxin is a typical China entrepreneurial wealth, "34 years along the way, because the focus jackets and men's business casual, Ba Jin met in every corner of the city to struggle, struggle bravely the wealth of people. They >

securities has been a relatively competitive industry, a large number of small and medium-sized brokerage costs are almost the same Commission, there is no significant drop in space. In addition, brokers have adopted the commission policy of price discrimination for many years. There are many retained users who are still paying high commissions, and the commissions of different branches are different

however, in fact, the software service providers in the PC era did not bring much impact on the securities firms. On the contrary, in the past many years, the profit of software service providers was far less than that of the securities firms. The formation of such a situation is mainly a result of the game between the two sides, the service provided by the software provider is not sufficiently scarce, resulting in the failure to grasp the absolute bargaining power.

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