To emulate shlf1314 AdSense sh419 launched the channel managementHow to achieve the Wangzhuan from


To emulate shlf1314 AdSense sh419 launched the channel managementHow to achieve the Wangzhuan from

The upgrade of

3, understand? Began to implement, the whole site changes, general description of what the title is, of course, if you don't know what to change? Use sh419 Search is very clear to modify where, how to modify, on the Internet there are some practical methods of

many people now know that the network is very hot, but also in making money online is also very attractive! But for some people who have ideas, but do not know how to operate to achieve me! Today I told you to sort out ideas, let you know how to achieve higher /p>! "

1, first go to the web site search SEO, there are a lot of explanations, I usually go to www.seowhy., which has someone to teach you, to understand some of the simple knowledge of seo. Have a basic understanding of SEO, you will be very helpful for future combat!

theme promotion has two channels to choose from: custom channels and URL channels.

by setting up and using custom theme promotion channels, allows you to track more specific theme promotion code promotion effect; the use of URL to promote the theme channel, lets you track comparison containing a specific page promotion theme promotion effect. You can use up to 16 URL channels and 16 custom channels to utilize them to maximize the information needed to improve web site effects.

respected sh419 affiliate members, Hello:

website is resolved, I believe that your confidence will increase, and then select a virtual host and domain name, this is relatively simple, it's on the Internet domain name space service providers how to operate, there are special explanations, relatively difficult to

first, you have to have a website, but also a lot of people because of this reason alone, because they never did not come into contact with, and their code utterly ignorant of so many people in here, they give up, and don't want to back again! Is not so, there are many free open source online system, the master technology already made, or part of the fee, we can directly use their technology, simple graphic changes, the basic shape of their website, when you have a certain economic strength, but also can find someone else to do it for you, but this is a good early choose. Now, the general PHP programs are: zblog, WordPress, discuz, phpwind, dedecms, shopex, and ecshop. This is based on what you want to do to choose the procedures, online these have a lot of introduction, today is not here in detail,

last question, but also everyone is very related to the problem, how to do promotion, so that more people know my website, increase the site's browsing! Today will tell you in detail about this aspect:

4, after the internal modification of the site, is to update the site, every day on the Internet to add some of your web site related articles, and with the corresponding keywords, the best timing fixed point, then what is?

1. theme promotion sub channel statistical function

2. will be co promoted as an alternate content for promotional topics


sh419 theme promotion products were upgraded in January 24, 2008.

New features after

2, and then go to know some basic elements of the website, such as: what is the title, what keywords, tags, links and so on. These are in the optimization process will be used, and so you have to specific operations, what do not understand, you can ask other people, ask your questions, there are many people willing to teach you,


new channel statistics and the promotion of cooperation as the theme to promote alternate content function.



to enhance the user experience and benefits to promote the theme, alternate content sh419 alliance will promote cooperation as the theme of the promotion, as the theme promotion without any matching business promotion content system will automatically display the promotion content for your cooperation. To promote the income of alternate items, you can view them from the theme promotion tab from the cooperative promotion effect report.


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