How to develop your own business through the power of othersArt sy wants to create discovery and rec


How to develop your own business through the power of othersArt sy wants to create discovery and rec

now, let's talk about how we can borrow other people's power to create our own network business,

3, in the knowledge of other people's power to develop defines the whole work of art as the art of genetic engineering Art Ge>

at present, has been with 275 galleries, 50 museums and art institutions reached a partnership, which partners will include British Museum, Washington National Gallery, Losangeles Contemporary Art Museum, and is located in Manhattan's National Design Museum and so on, we can know from these partners, the site works span is very large. In addition, has also digitized 20 thousand works of art and included it in their own work reference system.

with the help of others and help others to small force are common forms of Wangzhuan development, generally have little strength and reputation, often by vigorously, no strength and reputation of the case, "

1, on the flow, borrow other people's power to develop



for example, I have a project now. I can go to the Vc firm and invest me 1 million. Then my project will have nutrients right away, and it may develop soon. This is a form of vigorous development.

if I brought a group of people who do Wangzhuan, everyone is a beginner, but everyone has different resources, this time I led them, I quickly developed, this time I just borrowed a small force of development.

a friend of our corn bus station, in a period of 08 years, IP maintained at above 50 thousand, although he himself every day thousands of independent IP, the other IP is come from? This way when he wants to sell, but not sold, why, because this method requires strong communication skills.

until now, automatic Recommendation -- we had never heard of the engine are not a service for art lovers, there is an online system after that you love abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock's "number first", will automatically give you recommend another abstract painter Mark Rothko's "eighteenth".

uses the power of others to achieve something by means of a powerful person or team.

it works as follows: first, users need to take a few minutes to pick their favorite works of art, then they can receive personalized work information provided by, in addition to providing navigation and recommendation services for art works, also sells part of the work. As a result, users can filter and filter their media, color, size, price, or some of its specific information, whether for purely search or for purchase.

any music enthusiasts know, we can use a lot of methods on the Internet to find new music, for example, we can browse through all kinds of digital playlist and listen to streaming radio to find good music, here you may think of music recommendation engine Pandora. Similarly, Netflix subscribers regularly receive various video recommendations, whether romantic or horror movies, based on their previous viewing preferences.

by borrowing money from others

for example, this same project, I can't find a Vc firm, but I have popularity, then I say who gave me one-time investment 10000 yuan, the amount of equity allocation I give this project XXX, like this when there are 100 people to participate in, I can easily get 1 million of the risk investment, which is by small force development, in recent years in the network, common owners get venture capital.

only because he and a buddy relationship on the banner is very good, he kept the station updated every day through their own efforts, this guy is a picture of his collection every day on the station, and then put the banner on the front page. Just imagine how much traffic the flag website has every day. Light on the home page of the picture can attract tens of thousands of IP, how much money can you make?. Of course, he can not avoid the benefits of this friend.


, however, the story could be rewritten by startup After two years of testing, the company launched a public edition of the same name on Monday that offers visual art, picture appreciation and picture navigation. The launch of the website of such a conception based on, if the user browsing habits such as Tumblr and Pinterest in these pictures as the leading website, so they will be willing to spend one or two hours of time to browse all kinds of paintings and statues on display, flat plate. Just as Pandora is for music and Netflix is for movies, wants to make itself a discovery and recommendation engine in the field of visual arts.

if I follow a Wangzhuan master, I followed him to learn the rhythm and pace of learning, so I could quickly developed, then this is by developing.

2, the development of

uses the power of others to accomplish something by means of a large number of people or teams.

, for example, I need to dig now. I can find an excavator. It will be dug out soon. I can find 100 people at the same time, and dig it up at once.

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