Four tips for making money on websites10 suggestions on how to develop the personal website


Four tips for making money on websites10 suggestions on how to develop the personal website

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      first, the feasibility of personal website self-management

the birth of a thing often has two necessary stages. The first stage is the birth season, and many people go crazy to rob. The second stage is harvest season, and more people join in. Group buying is such a bright example. To apply Mr. Ma's words is: "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very good, but the vast majority of people die in the evening, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow", this group of people is like this. So, today do not speak about the Chinese group purchase, personal webmaster, through 10 suggestions about how to be your own personal website development, as to what procedures, and key in person, because the Human effort is the decisive factor.

recommendation two: do the assessment capability for

      now all websites are considering how to make money; personal websites are no exception. Personal web sites may be motivated initially by interest or a hobby, but for a long time, these interests or hobbies build up a lot of resources for themselves, such as an impressive amount of traffic. When these resources are accumulated to a certain extent, commercial awareness of sensitive personal webmaster began to seek the development of electronic commerce, the commercial operation of the resources in their hands, thus, personal websites began to make money. Of course, the more popular ways of making money for personal websites may still depend on advertising, but from the advertising revenue of personal websites, it has fallen into a trough. So, if the personal website wants to make great progress, or hope that your website can make money, then you must take the initiative! As a personal website Human effort is the decisive factor., and we can have their own products, and sell them, rely on their own to make money!

      two; personal website to make money instance

      1. online books

so-called "male afraid to choose the wrong line, women afraid to marry wrong Lang", in our preparation for the beginning of the station, must choose the industry. A familiar with their own industry, operate with ease. We often hear people complain about internet marketing. They say that the new supervisor doesn't understand anything and does nothing but lead them. Now we are blaming us for poor performance...... Wait。 You see, that's the key to not choosing the industry. We don't criticize the supervisor. What's the matter?. We prefer to find the reasons from ourselves, and we can leave when we are depressed. A bit off topic, but. There are 2 advantages to choosing the industry, perhaps more. 1, the industry status, operating practices, future development, profit model and other relatively clear, easy to carry out the work behind. 2, since it is familiar with the industry, after all, there will be many friends or experts in the industry. You can learn from time to time. Zhao Chun reminds everybody, although the profession is many, the choice needs to be careful.

      Internet users are constantly growing rapidly. Another survey shows that the average income of Internet users has increased, that is to say, the consumption level of Internet users has also improved. Why should we rely on advertising to make money on our personal website? Can't we change our minds? For example, your website traffic is about 1000 that is to say about 1000 people into your shop "& rdquo, advertising agent is equivalent to the products of others, even sold only a portion of the profits back to you. But if your store sells its products, most of the profits are in your hands. Advertising to make money is just a "by-product" of doing a website, and the real product is your own website. Remember: your website is a goldmine. You may just have mined the "Browse" layer, and deeper minerals you may not have developed yet! You can sell the products on your website, such as making a printed copy of your website's content and selling your own books online. There are more ways to operate, the key is that you have to continue to explore! Below I will combine my observation of the Internet and my own practical experience, to tell you how to operate their own products. For online business, at first must hold peace of mind! Because China's Internet users are not many, after all, we should not expect too much to do business online will bring you great benefits. To network business as a kind of exercise, to say a realistic word: "now make small money, and later make big money."". This is my strategic view of a "long campaign" for online business.

recommendation 1: choosing the right industry is the key

industry choice, how should I do? For example, I do medical device sales. If I want to be a medical portal, whether I can do? The answer is filled with light, as can be imagined, will let you down. Today, with the development of Internet, more and more open source programs and more and more patterns are being developed. Many webmaster is by virtue of a momentary impulse. Thinking that one day I'll have to rely on someone

data show: the current number of websites in China has exceeded 31 million, the number of personal site about 9 million, mainly concentrated in the Web2.0 personal website and search and e-commerce and so on, such as blogs, online dating sites, portals, regional, community forums, video search and other types of web sites. Obviously, the development of personal website is developing into a new economic model that can not be ignored, on the one hand, to some extent alleviate the increasingly serious contradiction of employment, to allow more people to choose the network business; on the other hand, will also promote the development of the Internet industry, let more emerging Internet companies to create more value for society. But there is a problem to ponder over, because many websites die tomorrow night. It is worth pondering how to survive for a long time. Here are some of my superficial suggestions for reference only. author: Zhao Chun

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