Some experience about guest template changes summaryHow many people are there in the long tail theor


Some experience about guest template changes summaryHow many people are there in the long tail theor

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as a special I have a lot of experience, contact the Internet business plan in a month, I found that almost all proposals like from the same template, there is a special section to describe the future of the market, this template includes two points:


or entrepreneurs can say: we may not be able to help small and medium enterprises in cash for a short period of time, but they can enhance their brand. You are not Sina, nor is it CCTV, and the platform is not strong enough, why do business owners want to spend money to upgrade your brand on your platform? Five years ago, you could talk like Wang Dingbiao and spend money on a future market, but now you can't do it.

is the preparation of tools. Here I recommend a software Notepad++, which supports almost all of the code formats, and can be intuitive to understand the level of the code, is a good tool for revision. As shown in the following picture:

PHP application architecture guest program as an example before modifying the most you can build a PHP environment, in the local test for

Here we take

no matter how the pie on the market is drawn up, you will have to face a question: how do you get consumers to pay for the service you offer on your site?

, for example, I would like to say that the parts shown here are ported to my own web site.


and brand advertising share almost by several major portals and some large websites divvy up countless business websites at a few percent share of the kill is a head broken and bleeding, tough fighting. The long tail is better than the long march.

the first step is to find the template file for this template. Here I am index.tpl, which is the template file for the home page. Where is the CSS file calling the template?

tells us that the CSS file invoked by this template is in the style directory of your site. Find the test.css file and open it with notepad++. The first step is complete.


Horizontal curve and

, we see a section of this code at the top of this template file,

A. notes the long tail theory with 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises Chinese Ji Qi

is now more and more people began to do their own guest website to earn pocket money, but now the website promotion more and more difficult, in addition to SEO optimization we all know, outside the chain, improve the site included and weight, there is also a more important factor is the website template. Now the same guest program the same template, the same program. You know, a good template can also improve the site's collection, but also to provide users with a better experience, in order to retain users. For the template changes, many friends still do not know where to start, do not know how to change, and today I would like to share my experience in modifying templates.


let the small and medium-sized enterprises come to your website advertising, and ultimately consumers are interested in advertising, we do not consider the arrival rate of conversion rate and topic, the most straightforward is to find the small and medium-sized enterprise consumer product or service on your website, it is to help them earn money. Enterprises are not charity industry, they also want to survive and develop, if your website can't help them, then you can only face the cruel fact, fall into the bottom of the ecological chain in the competition.

looked at the long tail series of articles on the site,  

long tail theory on the shlf1314 body is feasible, but this can not copy to China, and whether to move to success is still a mystery. Look at the successful overseas network company to almost all, lose all, whether it is the quiet years of the Yahoo China, or will regalia field Myspace, is very difficult to predict their fate in Chinese. Even though there are a lot of them who know YAHOO, they never go. They use instead of MSN. They use sh419 instead of shlf1314. They go to Sina instead of YAHOO. The fate of those outside websites continues to stand in China like an outdoor signboard or become a pawn of capital.

relies on China's 30 million small and medium enterprises to succeed at least

first, as a web owner, you should know the basic syntax of HTML, syntax and usage of css. If these are not very clear, you can look at sh419 first, have a certain understanding, try to change the template later. If you don't even bother to go to sh419, it's not necessary to read this article.

then have some understanding of the tools and knowledge, can not begin to modify the template here? Let me in a long winded, in addition to the tools ready, for you will have to modify the template of a certain understanding, to have an understanding of the structure of your program, to what is the template file, modify the file, and you need to prepare a website, you feel very good template for transplant or modify. After these conveniences are ready, we'll start modifying the templates.

second, find the above

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