Shanghai Zhike network technology and Tianjiao advertising alliance officially reached a cooperation


Shanghai Zhike network technology and Tianjiao advertising alliance officially reached a cooperation

now has a lot of entrepreneurs in a short time in the shop will not go bankrupt in two, only to customers complain about his store consumption, complain, can only choose the other way.

in order to promote the Zhike network better and faster development, especially in Tianjiao advertising alliance to launch CPA real name membership promotion activities officially began on December 18th, please the webmaster friends support Tianjiao, active participation, but also contribute to the development of Zhike network.

The key to

Zhike network by Shanghai Zhike network science and technology limited company to invest 10 million yuan to build e-commerce platform, is the first China intelligence products and human resources transactions, will gradually become the world's intangible assets trading center. The project aims at providing about wisdom, creativity, contacts and other intangible assets transactions of tens of millions of small and medium enterprises and hundreds of millions of Internet users, by the famous American Internet research company Pew Internet called "Chinese wisdom and eBay trading network".

in the present society many people want to work, especially now 80, 90, they wanted to have their own career, earn more money, but there are a lot of people the idea is very simple, people always touch the wall to awake originally so assured is wrong. When all the passive, and often conceal the night thinking fond of teaching others, tangled. Like encounters are by no means accidental, so is passivity.

's success lies in the integration of resources. Bosses are not necessarily superior to subordinates. Such as Liu Bang.

, for example, you want to do the clothing industry, do not want to simply sell clothes, want to have long-term development, for example, do their own style of brand, do o2o model, brand, so that countless entrepreneurs heart ignited two words of fire. Many people say that money is now a society, a weak family, friendship, exaggeration of love. However, there are always some people to sacrifice.

Intelligence products trading network

personality is partial, not good communication, in specific circumstances, will play with people personal thinking. The sense of goal is not clear, the idea of the future, the poor mobility of people is not suitable for their own business.

want to start, you must choose a better understanding of the industry, do not blindly follow the trend, to join the first study of the joining headquarters, shop location position, to the budget, do not go step by step, that will only make your career disappear soon. I think the shop location is one of a very important link, it is best not to many times in very dense, crossroads, pedestrians to cross the road, so the focus to avoid pedestrians or other vehicles, while ignoring the side of the shop.

some people you give him the purchase price people will feel you make money, Ma Yunceng said: acquaintances trading, you sell him much money, he will feel the money you earn, he also sold much cheaper cost, you ungrateful! Time, transport people do not see in the eyes, rather than being cheated, let others make money also, do not support the understanding of people, because he was always.

is willing to invest, and great efforts will attract real talents. The boss's courage is crucial. Some people is not that you give him Duosanqianwuqian treatment, mainly you respect him. A businessman who makes money for all ends has the ultimate consequences of losing himself and friendship...... Not want, will have a fantasy.

Zhike similar Witkey mode, mainly related to creative industries project outsourcing services, such as creative, design, program, plan and other transactions; human resources Zhike trading network mainly provides a channel for people to find human resources demand, let the human resources supply side access compensation for the opportunity to help others. Cooperation between the two sides has reduced the cost of spending on the network's demand side, and has increased the income of the contacts' suppliers.

part of the transaction of this project is somewhat similar to the line network line network in Germany has been listed, also known as openBC, but the project's operating model is the first in China, the world's first. The invention of the "Zhike network intelligent network to find the method of cross connections" has been declared national patent and won the State Intellectual Property Office accepts, the patent application has also received the Shanghai municipal government funding.

for example, if you want to manage food, then you can store it around McDonald's and kfc. Because of these famous foreign fast food shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on the site, but also can make use of the brand "they were" more customers.

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