Personal experience to talk about small webmaster Wangzhuan TrilogyVisitors Fashion Association remi


Personal experience to talk about small webmaster Wangzhuan TrilogyVisitors Fashion Association remi

        "visitors", is barter, they rely on the network carrier will own the items out for other items. This is not equivalent to barter exchange as the main principle, but according to individual needs, things built on both sides on a voluntary basis exchange. Recently more popular online website www.huanke  

, for example, there was a picture of a small webmaster do comedy, he found a large number of pictures station updated daily pictures will not exceed 100, that he would insist on constantly search for pictures, edit complete, updated daily volume of more than 100, and never give up! And now his station traffic has been very impressive, has grown into a

! barter, Jieshengjishi era has become history, but now, many users will barter the commodity exchange way back to modern life, "visitors" become this year is synonymous with the popular one.

        a provincial citizen with an internet name called "hero"; has had several exchange experiences. He said: "those useless things in the house at home, too much place to throw, I feel a pity; sell it, and can not find buyers.". When the passengers, in exchange for their love of things with these things, very cost-effective." Online shopping has become a pleasure for him, he says.

so, appropriate, timely, >

        skill exchange is also fashionable

        at present, the city "visitors" are mainly concentrated in the age of 18 to 30 years old, the students also have the workers, the users of consumer desire is strong, easy to accept new things, but also restricted by economic conditions to meet the demand in the premise of not spending money. In the online exchange their unused items.

        barter busy

on the Internet, can often see small webmaster in the forum, group to consult, how can I make money? How can my site traffic? What we rely on to make money? Finally didn't get what results, here to ask you the corn rabbit, as a small webmaster, you pay? You pay more than others? If you dare not answer he has paid too much, that you don't do it, only to see the success of small webmaster webmaster "night" fame and fortune rich now, but I do not know, behind every successful webmaster have experienced unremitting efforts

second sentence, the investment savings, is the most wasteful people!


Hello, I am corn rabbit, rabbit corn for small webmaster three words today, for small webmaster, the three sentence is based on the book, the source of success, of course, in addition to the three sentence extended too much, you can say three hundred words less Syria gossip! Straight! Ben theme! Laoniao bypass


sometimes you see the article and the successful experience of many predecessors, just a few words, seemingly simple, but really let you do this a few words in practice! Not particularly diligent person, no perseverance who is really difficult to do so, even if you have a good creative method after that, ask yourself "what can I give to

network now, why so many webmaster? You ask around friends, do not say ten there is a webmaster also almost! There are several reasons, one is the establishment of the threshold is very low now, a program, space, domain name fix! One is the establishment of the cost is too low, a cn Yuan before the domain name plus free program, Taobao Amoy a few yuan, but the cost of 100 can be used as a webmaster! Is anyone, even if there is no income students can afford

first sentence, small Adsense do not make money, most of the reason is because too lazy,


saving work is good! Spend the least money, the biggest thing to do! It is worth advocating, online there are zero input station slogan corn rabbit was this point of view, however, in the network, ha ha is what age? Burn times! Sleight of hand there is a slim chance, even if you there is a big idea, no money is not what you


        "I am interested in Japanese, want to worship a friend who is proficient in Japanese as a teacher; in return, I am good at playing Kat."


        in a website purchase platform, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, antiques, digital, mobile phones and other types of shopping products, dazzling, everything. The statistics show that at present, the number of visitors only registered here has 7122 people, the total reached 5625 for goods.

        after the Spring Festival, many people began to disposal at home idle special purchases for the Spring Festival. These things became "the most popular goods trade between. The barter sites have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival open area.

        a student at Hebei Normal University, network called "windward" netizens will drink wine, peanut oil, etc. on the site of special purchases for the Spring Festival purchase platform. He said in a message: "buy more new year's day, to replace the fruit to eat."."


so the corn Bunny thinks diligence is the first thing to do. If you want to succeed, don't let yourself get too lazy. Get through this and you'll find you've made it!

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