From the CPA transformation to the Taobao customer cheating master Wangzhuan RoadThe monthly income


From the CPA transformation to the Taobao customer cheating master Wangzhuan RoadThe monthly income

recently, I also observed the chat content of my group, and I might be divided into the following situations:

January: with the intention of earning some dollars. Started a foreign click station.

in my record net Wangzhuan official blog wrote a series of "monthly income of 10000 yuan a of Wangzhuan industry chain", get a lot of support from friends, within a few days of my exchange group is up second, originally wanted to write about how to build a personal brand shaping article. But I find it's more necessary to write articles that are helpful for new people, because the group is always asking questions, and let me know that new people should have a clear study.

A few days ago I

second: advertising expert type.

reasonable through group promotion is very good, see the group sent an advertisement I would not say what, who have had their own promotion advertising, standing under it, but I hate those advertising quality is very bad, but also stop the refresh, a group member of the ball, not missing to strike, such a person, I do not fly fly you who? The place for people who want to learn.

first contact Wangzhuan or 2010 January. It starts with a foreign click station Neobux. Hold to earn $2 a month to do Wangzhuan click. Believe that many people also start from the click of the station. In order to earn more dollars, a day up to more than ten clicks, can be counterproductive, some sites closed down, and some sites don't pay. A lot of tired, and finally earned only 1 dollars. The following month schedule to describe the form of 2010 I walked the Wangzhuan Road, I believe there will be a lot of inspiration to many just contact Wangzhuan novice.


advertising, please be more soft, we can learn the essence of soft advertising, directly on the hard, we can not afford to eat.

type 1: excited white type.

from April to May: after a period of study, finally have the first station of its own: 98 business information network I think this is a welcome step Wangzhuan road. Has shifted from doing the task to doing the station. But many people do Wangzhuan not take this step. So in the days after has not achieved what achievements. They still continue to do a few cents of the task, and even yards, voting, may not even earn electricity.

what? You don't know how to answer, then you sh419, you know. Or shlf1314, you know more.

June: apply for advertising with your own station. At that time there are several mobile phone verification code advertising, a CPA is 4 yuan. If it is in the ad mission network, this task is probably a few cents. I made more than 1000 in a month. Perhaps you will ask, is the website real flow earned? Ha ha, of course not. If an advertisement earns so much, it must be at least IP ten thousand per day. Or did not leave the CPA cheating, specifically how to cheat, which is advertising, I do not want to say. Because cheating doesn't go too far. It won't be long before the ads for mobile phone verification code are offline. I'm afraid I'll do that again

February: contact a domestic advertising task network specifically, which is not mentioned, began to do the task. In retrospect, thank you very much for this ad mission network. Because my Wangzhuan way is to start from here. In the meantime learned a lot of knowledge. Wangzhuan road is actually a learning way, only by constantly learning, in order to find all the way down. Remember the deepest impression is that there was a 2 cents CPA registered advertising, every day I do more than 140 change IP registration, belong to cheating. Earn more than 20 a day, too. But good times don't last long because of the local IP, resources are limited, to do so is to repeat the IP data is invalid. So every day looking forward to this ad mission network has new tasks on-line.

March: in the process of talking to someone in the know advertising task network these tasks are from advertising to. Advertising unions cost more than double the number of ad missions. But advertising ads have to apply for their own websites. So began to learn to do web site. What space, domain name, FTP upload, these are a little learning. This also laid the foundation for Taobao customers in the future.

such a person into a group, good, first ask a good, to a new report. General directly began to ask "what is Wangzhuan?" "how to make money online?" "network money method who ah?" and so on very broad questions. I really do not know how to answer, don't answer it, and others in the group shouting group group, watching the passion, we can not not to respond, is really helpless. Next time, please, let me tell you why the earth is round, OK,

such people can be subdivided into two categories, one that never talks, and who is ruthless and invincible, Jay Chou". The group can say what you like, I just have a look, not to publish any topics and Related words, suddenly a word, because of different themes, also did not respond, so in the end has been silent cool. The other is the sun with the potential to be helpful, Jay Chou". These people generally do not speak, speak into the core, stunned, concise, happy to answer some help ask water >

third: silent Jay Chou type.

these people into the group to send advertising, to the people. Each group is the most hate thing for an advertisement in the group. To tell the truth, I have also made, also made a lot of hair, ran, ran in, never. But that was a long time ago to buy some cheap advertising advertising, later found, you no matter how many, as long as you're not in the hair so income also stopped, what difference does it make and distribute leaflets in the streets are always IT migrant workers.

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