Knight How did make use of the nternet to make four servers


Knight How did make use of the nternet to make four servers

knight, a post 80 webmaster, Zhejiang Quzhou people, age 23, graduated from: Zhejiang Quzhou University. Knight has a strong interest in the internet. Love programming, but not love as love technology; watch the news, but not keen on media; love playing games, but not love online games; love website, just do a website now, it is now in the development of the knight station. Knight think: Admin5 is a good place, including the knight and all the webmaster, all like this place, once in three years ago, the knight has already studied here, and and Admin5 together grew three years.

directly into the topic: how to use the Internet to make four servers, the knight is a self-made webmaster. After graduating from college, but also like other people around looking for work, has been to Guangzhou, Shandong, Yantai,, because the server has also been to Henan, Zhengzhou.

to talk about how to get the first knight server, initially borrowed 900 dollars from home, the monthly rent server. At that time, really very simple, even if you can use a server, the Internet is not quite understanding of the situation, you can keep the monthly server costs down, and a stick is a year. Although I made money in my pocket for the first year, I made a server and started from scratch.

the first monthly server is IDC, then the use of Huazhong platform, TAOBAO everywhere to recruit agents, an agent of 100 yuan, 500 yuan, can move so few OK every month. What we did then was to sell space agents, not as interested in selling space now, and now the competition is much larger than before. Now I want to use a month to earn a year server, server costs, basic is unlikely. The swordsman believes that only in the historical opportunities, found or encountered opportunities to achieve a hero, of course, the knight is only civilians, before, and now also.

Talk about how to make second

following Knight Taiwan, third Taiwan, fourth servers, Knight's first built a campus network code website, now Baidu search: Xiaonei code, is still ranked first, not to say that the knight SEO has more NB, in fact, the theory of SEO solution is reasonable and the internal key knight the chain. These two do well, generally can be ranked on a relatively good ranking. Of course, time is also very important, Baidu will not let a few months of the site immediately in the front row, of course, unpopular keywords in front of, there is nothing to say. Not to mention SEO, everyone knows the school network code is in English code, and Google Adsense English advertising is the most matching, so the effect is certainly the best. And the students do not understand the advertisement, and a strong curiosity, easy to click on the ad code, and they copy code but also prone to delays, of course, is not cheating, so as not to cheat, you click on the high rate Google will not K your account.

at that time, the knight did three >

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