Why do build a porcelain stand


Why do build a porcelain stand

some time ago I wrote about the construction of a Chinese porcelain stand, but in many industries, why would I like this line? Because I found many of his advantages, let me talk to you today.

with the gradual prosperity of people, living standards and living standards continue to improve, many people are increasingly seeking high-quality life. The original home ceramic products and sales service model has been far from meeting the needs of consumers. Chinese family in following the "textile craze", there will be a "porcelain heat", at the same time, also means that a new round of upsurge of wealth.

Home Furnishing products discovered a new consumer highlights

According to

, the world's leading market research company AC Nielsen Market Research Report shows that Home Furnishing China products market, there have been significant changes in household ceramics will become a new round of Home Furnishing consumption window, which is China family after the "textile consumption hot", and a new family consumption revolution. The company also predicts that thousands of new millionaires will inevitably emerge in this round of consumer spending.

The full name of "

home textiles, home textiles, in store mode, just a few years time, quickly swept the country, the achievements of Roley, home textiles, home textiles, mercury Anna textile and many other well-known brands, at the same time, also let the country numerous franchisees, agents become a rich side of the wealth rookie.

is a big ceramic country in China, with 5 pieces of household ceramics consumed per year. In Europe and the United States, per capita consumption reached 25 pieces, even in Taiwan and Hongkong, per capita consumption has reached 10. The market potential of household ceramics should be excavated urgently.

, a completely blank market,

China is the world's largest producer and exporter of domestic ceramics. Unfortunately, over the years, there has been no one devoted to selling exquisite and beautiful home ceramics in china. Consumers can only go to supermarkets and even grocery stores to buy some cheap home ceramics.


wants to buy a nice set of crockery and doesn't know where to buy it," complained Ms. Wang, who works for a foreign company in Shanghai. Indeed, with the continuous improvement of the domestic consumer's own tastes, the demand for household goods will be severe. The low grade household ceramics on the market can not meet the needs of consumers.

in a Chinese ceramic industry veteran a decades old expert said, "a product of porcelain", to meet the needs of the consumers, to fill the domestic a completely blank Market:

1, household ceramics, everyone needs, everyone must, is the necessities of life, there will always be market.

2, household ceramics, so far there is no leader brand, market competition is small, easy to succeed.

3, home ceramics, especially high-grade home ceramics, are becoming more and more popular among white-collar workers, rich people and young people. These people have the strongest spending power and the mainstream of social consumption.


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