My hard work is growing experience


My hard work is growing experience

think about yourself, contact the Internet for more than 10 years, the original is playing games, chopping, cutting legend, playing CS and so on

later came to chat, listen to music and watch movies. Slowly, I just think that other people can play games, why can't I do it?. Do so for a year of private servers, no less money in it, there are about 5000 pieces of it, just opened the F was black, cheated. Poor, quack quack...


site was at the beginning of the year when a friend called me a forum. I said I know nothing about it.. He said, "nothing, I'll take you.". First do a private station, all HTML language, and slowly will use DW ` `, there are simple PS.. Initially, the station is free space. Two stage corn. Later, my friend said, "you can't use this.". If you want to do it well, you must use some rice. I heard CN corn one yuan, I would like to buy a few try, and later bought 7. 8. All right, it's garbage,


do a half a year, from dawn to dusk every day, up 4.5 in the morning. Sleep more than 12 day and night, go to work, so the first half cycle, a large collection of some search engines, some don't even ask. I began to lose heart. Baidu has not been collected until now, but finally Baidu visited my station, a total of one included.

I thought about the reason. Some other stations are collected. Garbage program. It's no good, so search engines don't pick up my station. Now I'm getting a little bit of experience. Began to buy a space, and this meter. I still insist on sleeping late and getting up early every day. I try to stand `

has seen many good webmaster's growth experience. I have to learn from them and have confidence, and I will make my station bigger and stronger sooner or later... Work hard, China's future new station leaders.... New bubble network 2008-4-21

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