1000 beta numbers instantly grab light 800 million months live account behind WeChat three years c


1000 beta numbers instantly grab light 800 million months live account behind WeChat three years c

Abstract: the

QQ public number into the whole QQ system point of view, the Tencent is hoping that the new model will create a "group + application + + public interest tribe" system, mobile social QQ will enter the 3 era, to connect everything as the goal.


yesterday afternoon, QQ, the public platform opens a limited beta, a quota of 1000 instantaneous robbed, the Tencent is relatively low-key on-line, but still attracted great interest, so that people have unlimited reverie on QQ public platform. Some analysts believe that the QQ service users are mainly low line city users, mature users have shifted to WeChat, QQ public platform and WeChat can form a very good complementary.

QQ is sitting on 843 million monthly active accounts, 627 million smart terminal monthly active accounts, 233 million while the highest online account (source: Tencent and the second quarter interim report), such a large amount of users, QQ public platform has inherent flow advantage. However, the QQ public platform should also be a rational view.

limited beta, why will be seconds robbed


on limited beta was seconds to grab the problem. First of all, the basic public participation in the test is the number of public operators. According to WeChat official recently disclosed data show that the number of WeChat public number has exceeded 10 million, every day is still increasing at a rate of 15 thousand, even if a man opened the 5 largest public number, there are 2 million people; even if there is no public transport enterprises doping, walker base is large enough, so grab the beta light the quota is not difficult.

secondly, the beta qualification was snatched seconds, the reaction is from the media development. WeChat public number success, let a large number of public operators and media people have tasted the sweetness of material, on the one hand, personal value and influence on the one hand. A common phenomenon is that, from the original ability of the media people, basically will open their channels as much as possible, to join more self media league. QQ huge user base, for them, is an opportunity, with great attraction, naturally not interested.


WeChat public is on the decline, and the QQ model is harder,

attracted from the media, people and the public operator is not difficult, but the key is how to really activate the QQ more than 800 million months live users. With the existing WeChat public model, the outlook for QQ is not optimistic. WeChat has more than 10 million public numbers, the content of homogenization is serious, plagiarism is very common, the lack of high-quality content output. In addition, the title party, false news is also very common, undermines the user's reading experience. From the feedback of the side, more and more people seldom or almost no longer pay attention to the WeChat public number article. That is to say, the WeChat public is not in a position to sit back and relax.

in this case, the QQ public number is also hard to avoid class >

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