How do you analyze user behavior with business thinking


How do you analyze user behavior with business thinking

data so much, all kinds of data expression is not the same, should be how to deal with specific, some people say: "early product, activities supplemented, data processing is stable."." Some people say: "products in the medium term, activities based, data processing is to control."." Some people say: "at the end of the product, the activity is nuclear, and the data processing is motivation."." Others say, "take four steps to process the product data."

first step: look at the overall data, mainly to see what the overall data is abnormal, and what data trends better (for example, the overall data, the number of games stable, monthly income extremes)

second step: look at the breakdown of data (for example, segmentation data, new game users and churn active paid users in direct proportion, new users do not pay, big R drain serious)

third step: combine data analysis (for example, analysis of data, why players pay off, no pay competition, or pay games to get to the top of the game in Pyramid)

fourth step: according to data actions (for example, update version, player recall campaign, replacement)...


estimates that knowledge you already memorized. In this article on I's dark horse, the author will work with operators to explore data, value, and business thinking on the internet. I think: if you look at the data and mathematics! Game with the function of thinking, it can only say you well; in the Internet industry, must be user behavior data and business thinking combined to create the value of the internet.  

Commercial sensitivity of

1. culture data

recently read a studio frequent high-level resignation, project group have been cut, the headhunters busy grab people news, recently spoke with HR, now that a network resume has risen to a 15 dollars; preliminary opinion, not what relevance, savor, relevance and great, if thinking conversion is another kind of scene......

Zhaopin as an example, mainly to see the website registration, and hard / for routine, HR to buy the resume, not be able to get the right resume; while the search is a fashion, often the initiative to grasp the quality of most of the resume, not only save money, also got good resources; to grasp the market trends and develop commercial sensitivity, this principle is not difficult to find into the game, if a MMO game user loss (for support? Other related services?... ) as another MMO product operation you can advance sensitive to the smell of the strands of commercial breath? If not, return to the user channel (the other game), you will only continue to wait, beg alms channel flow, this is undoubtedly a failure.

of course, we cannot obtain from other background data, then the general where the other game data to see competing products? Forum, game update dynamics, see forum user activity, can see the trace clues, and then in-depth contact with users, all natural water > rockfall

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