A true story of grass root stationmaster


A true story of grass root stationmaster

is a grassroots grassroots, want to dig gold in the Internet era a pot of gold, all wanted to get something outside the block, I contact the Internet since 2000, the University, the university life is spent in playing games, play the game you may also know the "legend" of the game, the 03 year old station is when I earn millions of years, day and night are the "legend", was also know how personal web pages, but did not realize this, if at that time...... Well, maybe I'm not the grass root now. What's the use of saying this? Everything is over. Time can't go back. Let you choose.

time: 2006, from scratch,

My sister

to get ticketing network in Beijing at the time, I will not, but will use Baidu, will find some code changes, and then give him a ticket website, everywhere to find the source code, and then change the template can be, when half a month to fix his station, he used this station a lot of money, the ticket, because he took the price is relatively low, with the Baidu bid to do the product, make the difference, until now has not had, do not know what the reason, it is because of this reason, I began to understand the site, know Wangzhuan, since then, began to walk into the Internet, although the computer the network is a veteran, but for the Internet, or very ignorant, so love starts from that moment.

time: 2007, practice SEO

after that, every day I see the website, looking for information, everywhere, everywhere, because of their computer to accumulate, contact more quickly, so it is relatively simple, unlike now, Admin5 provides new training, let you get started quickly, I can only rely on their own, others do not teach you, because understand this is very busy, including now I don't have to spend time training you, this is when looking at the data, look for a few months, feel almost, just then registered a free domain name and the domain name www.qqpub.cn, because it was ready to do a QQ station, and began to practice doing station do the station is very tired, but because I love to make this, so there will persist, I started with phpcms, the two stations, then the station is linked to the horse, because of the space etc. All sorts of problems, another station now almost no flow, again slowly, slowly, insist on the chain, then the website database is lost, although taking compensation, but not because of their own in CMS between dedecms to SEO turn, that is good, is relatively simple, is done with CMS a template, not using the original data, it can directly establish new way, with the old station column title similar to avoid penalty, since, change the template website ranking, has been on the rise during the period also had not done what, only occasionally some original articles, ranking up, looking for Links or find, almost every day to find a few links to see which station is good, I don't care if he ranked lower than me, I will take the initiative to find their links, thus ranking up, now.

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