How do you analyze competitors’ websites


How do you analyze competitors’ websites

        analysis of competitors is an important part of business competition. This is also true for practitioners of e-commerce. As a platform for e-commerce business, competitors website, of course, also needs to focus on analysis.

        then, how do you analyze your competitors' websites? Here, a little bit of my experience, some tools may not be accurate name, there are problems, please criticize me!

one. See hardware

1. query competitor's domain name

    through the square net can be found. However, sometimes the competitor's domain name registrant and registered company may not be me for some reason, but you can search for the relevant keywords and take a look at it.

2. check your opponent's server

        in general, an independent server is a symbol of strength. (assuming, of course, who does not mean that)

        check the server of the competitor; first, query the server's IP address through the domain name. There are many tools on the network that can be checked out. Search for domain name corresponding IP queries on BAIDU". Sites with similar functionality, such as: Knowing the IP address of the competitor's website, you can know the location of the server and the number of sites on the server. You can find similar tools on the BAIDU search for server site number queries. If the number of sites on a server is large, it means a virtual server and vice versa. Some competitors have a lot of domain name, may be used to do auxiliary station or link station, may at the same time on a server, this tool may also know the name of competitors. For example, the other has a.COM and a.CN domain, perhaps the key is A1, the key is A2, but is only known as the.COM website for the.CN website does not understand, may not know other business competitors. (PS: it seems that the link on the site on the same server is considered invalid and does not pass the weight.)

two. Look at the code

1. study the home page of the web site to view your opponent's keyword settings.

 :     for competitors' websites, we should first analyze the home page, and then analyze the two page, followed by analogy.

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