A growing Belarus Chinese Forum in adversity


A growing Belarus Chinese Forum in adversity

Belarus Chinese Forum was founded in June 20, 2008, had to admit that I was a real grassroots webmaster, a school of Stomatology of the big 2 students, the network forum from the afternoon to utterly ignorant of, adhere to the morning, even when eating is the most similar to the same quick food hamburger, but when the joy is see the plug-in installed the joy of success, until now, has been quietly supporting my major is always often during my forum users. Always wanted to write something to share with you,


              words into the business, first talk about the Belarus Chinese forum environment in Belarus, Chinese students are the largest group of foreign students, about more than 2000 people in Belarus, the Chinese, of course to do business in this trade, the Chinese people have, but not that is mainly Belarus trade environment is not very good, so not many in this business. Another is the place of the network is not very good in many Internet is to collect fees in accordance with the traffic (previously ADMIN5 interviewed me is the Internet traffic restrictions on the development of Belarus Chinese website article), but the monthly Internet and other means, so the network and network is the main reason why we restrict the Belarus Chinese development forum, reason we restrict the forum development are summarized as follows:

1 Chinese are too few, the service groups are not many;

2 network conditions are not allowed. (after all, there are not many rich students.)

3 because of our technical reasons, we can not build a bigger and better network platform;

4 we don't have much time to manage.

for the forum we made plans:

1 strongly publicize the Chinese Forum in Belarus, through posters announcements, publicity in each school, let more Chinese in Belarus know our forum;

2 recruit some good Russian students in Belarus, translate some recruitment ads, learning materials, etc.;

3, Belarus has a very good study abroad market, and we are also trying to advertise and promote our forum through the advertising agencies in China.

4 we also increase our friendship connection and encourage members to send original posts to increase the weight of our station;

5, we are also trying to add some columns, forums and information to enrich our forums and websites.

through nearly 10 months of hard work, our Belarus Chinese Forum, has been Baidu, Google and other major search engines, and in Belarus, key words: our website will be displayed in the first industry, our forum PR value reached 3 and so on, which are our achievements, although for we do.

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