Do some mental changes for 9 months


Do some mental changes for 9 months

please don't think this is a soft text, this is what I do stand 9 months of some mentality change!


I stop angle friction Park ( mobile phone is a mobile phone to download e-book based website, has been built for almost 9 months, when the idea is naive, think that mobile phone users over the Internet users, and mobile phone content fee is very convenient, the money should not be difficult, really done just know oneself very silly very naive.

mobile phone website station has a lot of resources, a large number of new sites in one after another, do some years old stand firmly occupying the main keyword pages, how do you spell it. SEO? I also did, and we also bought the Baidu PPC, when buying traffic is really good, good-looking, when you do not have money to buy, traffic is very ugly. Is this truth, SEO key chain, do the old station? Others to develop to break, is doing, the individual station in the energy and financial resources to fight but don't want to popular keywords, and do not want to flow, popular keywords, difficult! May you say, do long tail ah, oh, do mobile phone e-book content is the same, your long tail is their long tail, many people do, is the long tail of the long tail of the long tail keywords. So the new station and how to engage in traffic on the steps is very difficult, I do now, traffic is stable at IP last week is a bit more than 1000, but it would also like to thank this time hit the Internet vulgar wind, I have not done the edge of e-books, so against a number of sites, I collected up also, traffic exceeded 1000.

I asked some do stand friends, how much traffic you can earn much money? I Adsense do now, mom, do to the mobile phone alliance, now also not to flow, monthly income of 100 yuan, down to do so even custodian fees are not earn back, don't talk more server money. So I had the idea of selling websites and servers before the Admin5 Trading Forum, but it was a buddy who gave me a suggestion, and actually I could sell the technology to support the station, which showed me a way.


did this station have a friend get together to participate in technology, we think the difference is positioning on the website of the general mobile phone download sites, in addition to providing we collected from the Internet to the mobile phone theme, e-books, mobile phone software, he also developed two sets of tools to make mobile phone e-book, a web site the background is run, a set of PC software (joymobiler), convenient for the user to directly make their own love of e-books on the website and the computer, and later gradually developed a mobile phone and mobile phone theme stickers tool. Buddy is a technical expert, this thing is very good, support jar, UMD, and CHM reading, the more powerful features, only a few hundred K software, no installation can be used directly, like "dragon this kind of novels, making a nearly 3M j>

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