Sun Qiang sharing the hype


Sun Qiang sharing the hype

The era of

Web2.0 is the era of Internet users' participation and Internet entertainment. The hype that is hard, that simple is not simple, of course, to have a keen insight and strong planning ability, and then use these skills, can easily achieve the effects of speculation. Many companies in the network marketing, some simple network hype, to help the company's popularity is still very large, to help the company's brand and business growth much, depends on the correct method of the hype. A few days ago, sun Qiang wrote "how to carry out network speculation", and then sun Qiang continue to share network hype methods for reference only:

network speculation program design, speculation steps are as follows:

1. must understand what is the most popular topic at the moment.

2. must understand the preferences of editors of major websites, and what kind of news can be on the front page.

3. what kind of resources can cooperate with you to hype, whether there are media friends, etc..

4. to the major forums post, or press conference.

5. throws out related remarks......

6. find relevant personnel to participate in, engage in popularity.

7. draws public discussion of the event and raises conjectures and comments on all sides.

8., if involved in the insider, must grasp the furnace, in the most critical time to burst out inside.

9. to control the schedule, not a one-time trick over.

10. hype basically ended, the protagonist of the incident began to maintain their public image.

to speculation, you can look at the "thirty-six meter", each can be used as a way of speculation. Master the network hype method, it is necessary to write through the soft text to implement, everything has, begin to hype. However, the need to remind is that speculation also has a certain scale, do not fire over the legal boundaries.

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