Thinking about personal website development


Thinking about personal website development

now is like a personal website like bamboo shoots continue to emerge, one of which he is! Of course many of them, of course it is particularly good, these stations, go to countless me with confidence and support. But I personally think that the development of personal website appeared a lot of people thinking, some even called station their bad habits.

1, move things online.

now a lot of information on the Internet, you copy me, I copy you, we copy together, their original things less and less. Copying pages, copying business models, copying web content, and even domain names are similar. I think personal website content is not necessarily more, but must have their own value, and others are not the same thing.

2, content can be copied, popularity can not be copied.

now a lot of personal website, see other people's website development of good, oneself also do the same content of the site, and the result is the opposite. Hao123 is just lucky in the development of the Internet, China's Internet will not appear second Hao123. But there are other types of hao123, depending on your own creativity and willpower,

3, do not pay attention to brand building.

As a sign of website development,

brand should be paid attention to. What is a brand? In short, what does that name mean to you?. For example, when it comes to Sogua, the information you get is search songs. When it comes to mobile networks, the information you get is the forum.

4, what exactly does the site earn?.

often has stationmaster to ask now, what website makes money? In fact, what website can say has the possibility that make money. Here I will talk about my view: first of all, first of all, you rely on what profit, and now profit models are common: advertising, membership registration fees, text messages, join the Union and so on. Let me talk about advertising first. The Internet media advertising, but also behoove, must have the skills to do advertising, advertising as a means of business promotion and marketing, the final purpose is to let can buy the product (or service) people remember their product (or service), it relates to a target customers, so we do website you have to consider the target group visit where? Only in this way, will anyone want to advertise your website. For example: for example, the Webmaster Station, because the target visit is the webmaster, then the host, domain name provider is the main advertiser. The main goal of the Pacific computer network, Inc. network access is a group of computer enthusiasts, so computer manufacturers is their major advertisers. Now why many websites are on, but to advertise less? The main reason is that the target access group is not clear, for example, my website ( variety show) now my advertisers are relatively small, of course, I think the other way to profit.

finally just wanted to learn from other people's successful experiences, run your own website in your own way, and believe that you can become a.

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