The nternet is not only to lose money to succeed


The nternet is not only to lose money to succeed

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mixed network, but no money, so money become investors, entrepreneurs of choice, see Chinese successful Internet companies are using the money out of the heap, the general procedure is to do technical platform, cultivate the market, VC financing and listed financing. The achievements of the network industry, Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, 163 Sohu, and the current market uncertainties in the shaky video website are money hungry.

drops money successfully website

Ku6, 56,, Youku, and other video site financing are ten million times a year the bandwidth costs tens of millions, and increase the user's real-time data, consumption of hard disk and the server, they survived just successful, some of the film copyright problem late and maintenance costs a great risk. Between the feuding, bandwidth consumption of hardware, consume a huge amount of funds is not clear winner.

265 site navigation has to say the site, pure money hit out founder Cai Wensheng spent millions, through alliance advertising and buying traffic way network bombing, 265 successful. Form South 265, North good 123 situation. There is hardly any third site navigation. occupied most of the market in the eBay case, through the form of free and a large area of solid billboards defeated the bombing of the international giants, occupying about 80% of C2C is China market, can dominate c2c.'s campaign to defeat eBay has been successful and has not been profitable so far. The main function has stabilized the Alibaba B2B market. Baidu Chinese biggest search engine Chinese occupy more than 80% of the search market announced its entry into the C2C, Taobao guard.

site personnel, Zhaopin, ChinaHR, Chinese sites such as 51job, network alliance promotion, TV advertising carpet bombing formed and fight the enemy separately situation, have their own sites and to. Local government nature talent website, but do not need too much money to form the regional influence and authority alone.

short, behind these money sites have huge financial backing and a strong consortium, formed the clever use of initial market conditions and rules, by means of brand and market operation, at great risk, with the network of rivers and lakes.

failed to cash in on the successful site


billion had won nearly $50 million in venture capital's website, disappeared, now turn to provide services, this is a disastrous lesson. Gained the experience of an investment failure.

had a China about 20% search market, China culture strong search site search, die integrating road in Yahoo, through the image search to occupy the market lost in vain. For love >

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