Operation as a secondary technology local website breakout magic weapon


Operation as a secondary technology local website breakout magic weapon


many owners after the "fearless" rookie Jianzhan stage, but more the feeling of personal webmaster is not so good to do, feel the owners of the drip water is in the deeper, and hear many "master" technology is very important, they did find that technology is not enough, so he began to technology obsessed, looking for breakthrough technology. The technology is improved, but the same half-dead website, the profit is in sight. In fact, my Luanchuan people's website had also walked into such a misunderstanding. But now I've come to understand. So, what I want to say to everybody today is, operation is given priority to, the technology is auxiliary, local stationmaster ability is highlighted tight encirclement.

one, what can the operation do?

to say this topic, we should first make clear, as a local website, by itself, what is most important? The original content of a large number of users?? high traffic? Or Baidu rankings? I feel local website is the most important site of the activity, it is commonly known as the "popularity". It can be said that the participation of members. If there is no popularity, local website original content more, a good Baidu ranking, only flow highs, but the station became a "webmaster said, users see" "radio", far from the characteristics of the Web2.0 is, you simply engaging chengxinwen stand but, don't you see, even Sina and other big news portals are paying attention to the interaction with the user? So, allowing users to participate in, to increase user activity is very important, is also head of the primary task.

only allows users to interact, and come in, the site will be able to fire up, can live, energetic, you can have capital and chips to find businesses talk about advertising, to engage in group purchase, in order to make money! You want to, if you are a businessman, there are two owners to find your advertising, a is a member of the 2000 people, but every day to speak but 4 - 5 (this is not an exaggeration, I stand once it is), the remaining members of ten days and a half months to log in once, and some are even only register once only; and a member of the website, only 200 people, but every day there are 50 people speak, even if each a post, also have 50, and the 50 is the 50 post on behalf of living people, is the 50 potential consumers. Which website would you choose to advertise? The answer is obvious. This shows the importance of improving user participation.

so I want to say that everything is aimed at improving user participation, which is the most important part of local websites.

two, how can the operation,


1, looking for local hot topics

this goal is to increase user participation. Users are only interested in topics that they are interested in. Can the local hot spot recently > from the local Post Bar, QQ group, local people in the QQ space, and many other ways of hearsay

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