Thought and experience determine webmaster life


Thought and experience determine webmaster life

today, I'm talking about this topic, not an empty nest, and talking with some Seoer. After discussion, we found that the webmaster life is often based on everyone's ideas, knowledge and decisions, and other funds, space, domain name is only secondary factors. So, what kind of mind will decide what kind of webmaster life,


many webmaster think Seo is the key to webmaster life, many websites almost completely rely on Baidu, Google and other search engines. Once Baidu once again drafted the "628 incident", many webmaster income will be greatly reduced, and even from hundreds of thousands of IP fell to dozens of IP, not by indicating that Seo has uncertainty. We discuss by Seo webmaster life as everyone knows, cannot leave the chain of Seo, many webmaster day and night to send the chain, visit BBS. Also some webmaster for the so-called pseudo original, a hand built, but has little effect. Even some webmaster, in order to quickly get the rankings, buy black chain, the result was Baidu K was a mess. Some also use some means to obtain spider false results, get good rankings, but because the search engine algorithm constantly change and perfect, one day will come to naught "". However, this kind of webmaster life is through continuous hair chain, pseudo original and other means to enhance the ranking, for the station user's sympathy is less. Moreover, most of them are only traffic stations, and there is very little interaction with the station master. Yes, the webmaster life is hard, but if the technology is in place, and in the station management, it is not possible to become large.

by Seo webmaster, life is hard to force, and may not have any effect for a long time, for a webmaster passion, it is a great test.

another way of thinking is to focus on users and communicate to win loyal users. By contrast, this approach makes it easier to obtain loyal users. I am quite aware of this. In a few months ago, I made the Android developer forum. In this forum, I use the official fresh edition template. In other words, simply change the name of the station, the template is also official, and there is nothing unique. Using a three level domain name, and this domain name is very long. However, I am not determined to make this site bigger, and I do not care much. I went to a Android developer group, contact group, said is for developers to a discussion forum. The main support also, once in the group promotion. I also recruited a few moderators in the group, these moderators are very enthusiastic. Thus, in the moderator's proposal, opened a question and answer section, by the moderator of each district to answer. Once the group asked questions, and I will call him the moderator, put the question to the forum moderator, everywhere again research, answer. In this way, there are nearly 100 themes posted every day, and the answer is even more. But, after all, it's just learning. I finally closed the site. But from this site can explain a problem, as long as you can communicate with the user, why worry about search engines bad?

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