Quality originality is the only way for the website to succeed


Quality originality is the only way for the website to succeed

a variety of types of sites, as a webmaster to own the best industry business, you plan on the website of the description to the website of the industry has enough confidence and insights, although not one hundred percent understand, at least you in this industry have a certain degree of understanding. So webmaster want to how to do a website, this topic is SEO according to the actual construction experience, explore related knowledge under more than a year to learn, have to remember behind a successful webmaster must have countless sad things.

search engine

didn't understand the importance of search engines at first and didn't know how to deal with her. K was in a shopping site last year, found that Baidu has recently been adjusted algorithm, on the website of the increasingly high demand, so as a webmaster have to spend some time on the Baidu algorithm, so that when a business website is more handy. In my opinion only SEO of the construction work is not enough, both to build SEO, more high-quality original content rich website, so I am from two aspects, the two aspects are in place, the effect will be more development website.

construction lesson

A year before the construction of

site navigation, Baidu was originally included and weight, but others in the construction of the Tao station, I went to the Tao station, finally to K off site. After that, a shopping sharing system was built. Because the system involves too much knowledge, a person can not continue to operate, and finally the website has been reduced. Through the two construction experience I draw some lessons, website construction can not follow the trend at the same time, combined with the real capabilities, otherwise everything is in vain.

web site template

said, actually, I didn't know anything about the template before. I thought it would be nice to just open the site. I didn't think of user experience and search engine spiders crawling. I share the template in the system is changed at the time, according to their preferences, without considering the user experience, but did not think the search engine to grab, the final site failed in Baidu's punishment.

original article

I now understand that content is king, that is, the content of the site should be based on high-quality original content. I am in the building of the shopping site last year, only know that the construction of the chain did not write the original content, of course, ranking rose very quickly, because there is no original website support, when Baidu adjustment algorithm and right down, I finally had to give up this website. So now I run the 48 forum not only consider the construction to the quality of the chain, pay more attention to the quality of the original writing, to write at least a good original article every day, the combination of optimization and update perfect, webmaster can also consider writing a good soft Wen contribute.

in short: webmaster, especially new webmaster, not only for SEO construction, and not too much time for original writing, it is best to SEO as a secondary aspect

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