Talent network programming attention to minor matters


Talent network programming attention to minor matters

just after the Spring Festival, everyone is busy looking for a new job, not everyone gets what they want. But if you work hard, you can always make yourself closer to success.

online job search is even more so, now I talk about my summary of the talent network design experience:

seriously fill out your resume is very important, if you really want to apply for a job, be sure to seriously fill out your resume, for the recruitment unit, fill in the resume more reflect your attitude.

resume (resume) is your own experience, work performance, ability and character are listed by columns and space constraints, you don't have to list all the things, but you can best reflect the advantages of experience and ability can never forget there is a reason to be introduced. A good resume should be outstanding personality, strict structure, simple and simple, exquisite design, so that employers can see a deep impression. A recruiter can attract attention resume can create interview and increase the acceptance probability, so in the production notes do not cumbersome jumbled.

is the best computer print out your resume, a copy of multiple copies, so you can participate in the talent market, interview, recruitment company, please visit friends, add a written opportunity to introduce themselves, so as to achieve "universal flowering, focus on results" effect.

resumes do not have a regular format. They include basic personal data, educational background, social work, hobbies and so on. The main contents and requirements are as follows:

(1) personal basic data. Mainly refers to the name, gender, date of birth, home address, political appearance, height, eyesight, etc., generally written in the front of the resume.

(2) educational background and work experience. Professional knowledge and ability level of the employer through education to understand the candidates, and the experience and just showed an ability to work, so the educational background and work experience are generally written in more detail.

(3) speciality. Your specialty is one of the most concerned items of the recruitment organization. It is very necessary to list your strong points.

(4) of interest, hobbies and personality if social work experience is less, can show your personality, and writing interest, to show your character, culture or social skills and spirit of cooperation with others, but you have to write some of the best attention and love with personality. If you do not have hobbies, you can not write, you can directly describe your personality characteristics. Character is closely related to the nature of the work, so the wording should be appropriate.

after writing a resume, it should be carefully checked to see if it meets such a few characteristics and requirements:

(1) actively demonstrates his own merits and professional skills;

(2) because it is a directory form, must be concise and orderly;

(3) pays great attention to language skills and expresses itself to prominence

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