Self built reservoirs in order to allow the site to get high traffic and attention


Self built reservoirs in order to allow the site to get high traffic and attention

, Google and Baidu, as representatives of search engines, have also been criticized for their content, because the content of the two does not come from itself, which may lead to the problem of intellectual property rights. Perhaps, some webmaster will say, I don't do PPC, Baidu also K me, but in fact, some things are not suitable for search engine search records, if not handled well, it is prone to disputes, MP3 is an example.

of course, the search engine "automatic search records" become a double-edged sword, some sites are expected to search engine can bring flow, but some sites especially the website does not expect search engines, such as MP3, Baidu search engine results only yourself to get traffic, and let others have contributed content links.

so why is it that portals such as Google and Baidu have the advantage of entering the portal? At present, search engine traffic has generally gone beyond traditional portals. Then they put the gateway at the user's entrance. According to a consulting firm, about 1/3 of the portal traffic has come from search engines. Whether it's Google, Youtube, and the thunder, or with sina, we can see that search engines like Google are trying to hold the source and the portal in their hands.

you can say, the relationship between search engines and web sites are interdependent, no website to provide a rich variety of content, the search engine does not have any value, on the contrary, the search engine can also bring considerable traffic to the site, the cooperation mode is free and win-win, the flow of the advertising revenue sharing.

from the "search information" to "arrive information", may need to transfer to a station, but if a station can be reached, which for the web site, you can increase user stickiness, but also to enhance traffic. Therefore, this kind of thought should be used for reference especially by the vast number of individuals.

, for example, personal website content may be out of order, especially the forum section, when we browse these contents, entirely possible that we do not understand the words, at this time, we have to go to Baidu or Google. Now, with HDWiki, it's completely unnecessary. HDWiki is the domestic wiki industry is called a "interactive online" website ( green free open source software, which is a knowledge base system software, suitable for local websites, industry websites and forums to establish their own professional encyclopedia channel, full support to Discuz! And UC, and the Discuz official certification. It can be used to create the forum of professional knowledge base, built after the knowledge base, knowledge base entries can be in the post text automatic brush into the internal links, for some relatively strong knowledge of vocabulary, the words below will have a red underline mark, when you move your mouse to the touch, will show the entry.

The advantage of

is that you can use it to create the professional knowledge base of this forum without any effort. This will enable the source of information >

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