Why is the community platform difficult to do Non standard long tail is difficult to meet community


Why is the community platform difficult to do Non standard long tail is difficult to meet community

Abstract: social community has its value of starting point, but there are also some problems need to be solved, one is the amount of local information, local information, user browsing activity less, it is difficult to improve, so it needs to collect a large number of local users around the distance nearly new, such as the local preferential information, local events etc..



directory community platform project, the basic starting point is following: (1) standard retail goods delivery service; (2) non-standard category of long tail service information polymerization + property services; (3) the drainage entities under the line + online platform data; (4) neighborhood social business services + + property polymerization; (5) neighborhood + business service aggregation. Who is superior or inferior should be different from person to place.

community platform why difficult to do,


core is user stickiness. Users do not precipitate on the platform, not active on the platform, does not produce a lot of interaction, any business appeals are difficult to survive the soil.

(1) standard retail appeal for a single, often accompanied by high logistics, low margin and therefore crashed a few companies, so this one needs to have the whole structural adjustment, to mobilize social resources to complete the target platform. In this direction, from "Amoy Changzhou" to the national platform "floor mouth" made a more excellent adjustment. (later I'll take a separate article.)

(2) non standard long tail property is the most current community platform + aim, because of regional restrictions, the unit area of active users is limited, so it needs a lot of pushing the coverage, but also have enough temptation of active users, so this is a labor-intensive and capital intensive products, but also difficult hard to please.

(3) line drainage + online data conversion is an ideal regional community platform for the development of ideas, first of all, I defined it as "regional", because it is heavy, heavy funds, slow expansion. Therefore, such a platform can become regional leader, it is difficult to do the national platform.

(4) neighborhood community + property + business services aggregation, from the direction has been touched pulse - user stickiness. Specific how sticky will be implemented, it depends on each skill. Shanghai has a Ding Dong District, Shenzhen has a left. Both are doing social community, the former Follow-Up Services is difficult to keep up, planted no small fall; the latter will be micro-blog, WeChat's online social advantages used between neighborhood communities (but not completely copy the micro-blog and WeChat human centered social way, but by the common things in the heart), easy to form the offensive line.

(5) neighborhood committee + business services aggregation. This direction is mainly concentrated in the neighborhood committees dominated areas, such as Wuhan and other places, there are official backgrounds, easy to generate a sense of authority, especially the community's uncle aunt, zero immunity. But the threshold of service quality should be strict, otherwise the neighborhood committees will wear their hats too soon.

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