6 points need to pay attention to website profit


6 points need to pay attention to website profit

from the garbage station, to the professional industry station, and now to the local portal.

diamond from painstaking technology, to concentrate on study site operation, up to now it.

walked all the way with a lot of emotion.

hasn't written anything for a long time. Recently, my cross stitch www.58xiu.cn content pages continue to increase, GG included also increased, but the PR value has been reduced. So, again, write articles, to the site of the link, for this site to add some external links, improve PR.

, it's about income.

1, to be active, do the same initiative. Regardless of the national industry stand, or local sites, can not simply say "boil" words. That's the way it is. There is a net friend, he is a local station, his current daily IP is more than 500, and every day there are more than a dozen information constantly updated. My situation is similar to him, I am a trade station, every day the number of updates is also in the more than 20 bar. He said, "boil it.". I have a time to go to the post bar, QQ to send links, the effect is OK, a link, a day can come to several IP. (my station, IP, since it's been a thousand times, it's too fixed every day) I know where I came from. Ha-ha。 Take the initiative.

2, website way to make money. Cross stitch city is now a bit of advertising, ha ha, if someone is willing to buy, I will sell. However, some stations have to wait until their ideal number of IP, and then ready to sell a big bit of advertising. I think it is still in the development, the first to earn a little is a point, the site or to survive, first received advertising fees, pay space costs, or can.

3, the site put this. The thought I hold is to throw money into it. The net station Kak where I do, each name card is 4 yuan, do 50 sets. The price is 6 to 12 yuan for 100 special. Printed gum posters, know, to give 16 yuan a square price, I put the poster specifications set to just a square four, made 20 square, a total of 320 yuan. The price of this rubber is between 20 and 25, as if in the middle. Do supermarket advertising, this spent more than 100, ha ha, done so much publicity, I think this is the most cost-effective, more than 100 of the things to the supermarket is still quite obvious, and one is to put more than a year. Say so much investment, how effective? Ha ha, in the boil. Do it while you look at the effect.

4, ready to make money. I have four stations by myself at the moment. Ha ha, there are two is thinking of making money. There are two, all from the domain name began. Our network development is still not very fast, so I'm doing the station, I began to pay attention to local domain names. I was finally registered a complete local domain. Then casually put a SNS program, I did not expect actually still some members often chat on it. The net is much better than I kak. In addition, I also bought a domain name, >

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