Finance 394 million registered network invest 450 million with the hospital against what


Finance 394 million registered network invest 450 million with the hospital against what

recently, first Forbes Chinese network broke the news: registration network recently completed $300 million financing, if true, registered net total market value has exceeded $1 billion 500 million, is Chinese several other leading mobile medical market value. After the news came out, the author to the industry to verify, some people say that is 350 million U. s.dollars, and some people say that 400 million, then the specific amount is how much, and today registered official network finally responded -

micro medicine group (registered net) total amount of this round of financing of $394 million, by Hillhouse capital, Goldman Sachs investment led, Fosun, Tencent, China Development Finance joint venture.

above the amount from the registration network (micro medicine) on September 24 daily conference, tiger sniffing do not do any endorsements,

Gee, about 394 million dollars, when someone asked: "this is the health sector the highest single investment amount?" registered network response: "yes". Is it doubtful?. In the face of the following problems: "registration network now profitable? Some people say that although the net registered financing so much, but it is at a loss? This can interpret what?" the registration network chose to avoid: "today can only answer factual information of this strategy."

"factual news" is defined as "facts", the five words we took, authenticity as it will be referred to the online conference registration network published content, the author does not make any warranty. In the registered network "generous" recognition of its access to the "single highest investment in the health sector" after, but in the "profit" on the key issues of choice to avoid, think it is human nature. Well, not much to say, below posted on the conference registration network published content, and for some of the problems these buddies proposed:

D round of financing how to become C round,


registered network ( by Tencent, F&, H, Morningside and other internationally renowned investment funds jointly invested. In 2014, registered net to obtain B round of financing, namely Tencent $106 million 500 thousand investment led, refresh the mobile health field of finance records, foreign media have registered net and millet together as the 15 market capitalization of more than $1 billion non listed Internet Co is one of the most valuable China.

since the Tencent launched $106 million 500 thousand in the registration network public information is B round, then the financing is the C round, but according to industry insiders said that the D round, then we look at the previous reports:


did not see the registration network before the clarification ah, this financing news release, before the C round becomes B round, there must be tricky, as for what specific reasons, please make up your brain.

don't call it "registered net", remember to use "micro medicine", pro


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