King Wang take competition as a starting point and find pleasure in the process


King Wang take competition as a starting point and find pleasure in the process

Admin5 webmaster held fourth SEO contest and the "bobaiyou" competition has already started nearly a month. After the event also continued to have new sites to join the game, Baidu collects relevant information has reached about 430000, the activities are more and more owners and media support.

May 6th Admin5 forum every Thursday baby invited review activities since the graph king scores, summed up the game in question, to discuss the website optimization topic, this paper discusses some questions waiting for you, welcome to discuss.

asked: excellent for third weeks, are more optimistic about the king what station? There are now women stand


answer: I most optimistic, there are two kinds of websites. One category, both participating in the competition, is also doing related business, for example, some optimized type of site, to participate in the game itself is a SEO display. For example, Bo excellent Foshan website optimization Foshan website promotion, Bo excellent Yantai SEO optimization, excellent _ soft outside the chain of sale, this kind of website, in the process of doing, can be profitable, a profit of two do not mistake. Another class, by the weight of the game, do industry website, Bo excellent global notebook computer industry benchmark; excellent monopoly; excellent products in Xinjiang, Bo excellent Xinjiang specialty specialty, etc..

asked: "what did the king see about their ranking drop in the ten place before the attack?" what do you think?


to attack sites such behavior itself as we despise, but every game and important occasions, always such a situation. If the ranking of good friends, that virtual host can get some with hard, or alternate, especially the last critical moment. Our past experience, the final decision time we have now determined, can be postponed for another week, or two weeks, if something unexpected happens. Make the game fairer.

asked: Figure 1 Wang, a registered domain name for 10 years, completely didn't stand, did not put the chain, whether for SEO, has a huge effect? Or just a little fur effect? If 1-10, you think how many points? 2, a station the domain name expired, did not renew, then Baidu GG are included, then people registered, for other different theme station, this domain name has what effect on SEO


answer: 1, I think it's 1-2. 2 useful, before, I was specially registered some people out of the old domain name, in fact, his value is not GG has been included in the page, but some remnants of the chain.

: the game starts at 4.12. My domain name was filed in April 10th. Now it's ranked 43. Can I award QB?.

: in order to give more and more of the participants more encouragement, we have selected some special awards for our friends in addition to QB

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