CN domain name prohibits individual registration whether change the soup or not


CN domain name prohibits individual registration whether change the soup or not

CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) out of the new regulations, at 9 a.m. on December 14th, CN domain name Stop registration of individuals. Means that in the future want to register CN domain name, in addition to submit online applications, but also to submit three copies of written applications including business licenses. The Internet industry is shouting: "the era of individual users registering CN domain names is gone!


CNNIC, the introduction of the new policy is undoubtedly CCTV exposure, poor supervision of its domain name, CN domain name involving a large number of yellow response. The purpose of prohibiting individual registration and improving the registration threshold should be to reduce the illegal application of domain names by improving the authenticity of domain name registration information and increasing the cost of illegal activities. Although the announcement is only for new registered users, CNNIC also showed that it will not rush to shut down the registered CN domain name, but also said it will review the existing 13 million CN domain name.

07 years in March, in order to promote the CN domain name, improve the share, launched a yuan of registered CN domain name, by the owners and rice farmers welcome, did stimulate the CN domain name market, three years of efforts to make the CN domain name to become the largest number of top-level domain name. Personal registration set off a frenzy, and even have a domain name, a big gangster will have about 200000 CN domain name. CN domain name is popular, but also behind the cheap registered today foreshadowed, Comsenz CEO and Dai Zhikang took the CN domain name unpopular due to three reasons: low price, fast approval, resources. The convenient and cheap CN domain name also provides some conditions for the proliferation of pornographic websites. Some mobile phone operators and pornographic porn sites registered cheap CN domain name, pointing to porn sites, and because the CN domain name is cheap, a large number of pornographic websites can replace the domain name, now leads to the supervision of the unfavorable situation. Low prices make the CN domain name "innocent" on the "porn" website flooding "root" of the hat, CN domain name is not wrong, wrong in the domain name regulatory authority and the audit mechanism of sound.

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the network owners triumphantly prohibit individuals registered that people can not help but feel and had been a block of events have many similarities, are all across the way, there are management agencies to shirk responsibility, to restore the reputation as soon as possible. Prohibit individuals registered, and can not fundamentally prevent the proliferation of pornographic websites,.Com domain name is just thirty yuan to be registered, to do porn people also is to increase the cost of dozens of yuan. Moreover, the.CC domain name now began to spread, and the people do porn station not a choice only the domain name CN. And CN domain names prohibit personal registration after, also is not without flexibility method. Through affiliated enterprises and social organizations in the name of enterprise organizations can still register CN domain name, which will become the biggest loophole of the new regulations. In the future is likely to be born some leather companies, nominally enterprises, but in fact is an empty shell, using shell to help individuals register domain names. Like block and block BT, can not solve the fundamental problem, the website can be transferred abroad.

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