30 day experience of a ceramic industry portal profit review


30 day experience of a ceramic industry portal profit review

I am mainly good at website development, in May this year, a Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Feng manager's site needs, the entire project price of 5000 yuan. At the beginning of communication, even domain name, website name still did not freeze down. After a week of pondering. Website name is called "Pang porcelain net", selected the website, and has chosen several good LA domain names for the customer, because the good domain name is too few.

however, in the following time, I was surprised to see an industry website earning money in a short time. Looking back on the current situation of Internet websites, we have to think deeply.

received a deposit for site construction in May, and began to consider the selection process, interface design, and channel column arrangement. In May, only the initial architecture of the website was completed, and the program selected the well-known B2B system. Throughout the June, the work of doing web art (clients have higher requirements for website art), in July, the site was completed and fully delivered. The total time spent on the entire site is 30 working days (no time for this project in May).

in the project development process, Feng manager has received orders, using B2B yellow pages function, sold several customers. In the process of completion of the project, from Feng manager's mouth that has sold more than 6000 yuan.

Listen to the

manager Feng's words, thoughts. First, admire Mr manager of business intelligence, in less than 30 days will be able to sell the product (absolutely not fooled, because good customer feedback); second, in the harsh environment of the Internet, only to find that there is still hope, but has been the lack of a breakthrough; third, to reflect on their own, since the entry in 2004 the development of the website, many also get a company, but also do not own a stable career, it is also a technical failure, technology.


wrote the article, he suddenly remembered the post he saw in a technical forum. Although the company was a technology company, he had a deep insight. Here is the quote, I think every one is still confused webmaster, should seriously reflect, but also seriously look at the following words.

why a lot of people website operation is not successful? And these people are often to the site is not successful due to certain functions of website program finally complained, but because of these people to study the technical problems of the day, put a lot of time on the technology, completely ignoring the user, ignoring the website operation


do not understand technology, not technology, is often the most successful people, they can completely abandon the shackles of technology, there is more time, a higher perspective, how to develop PHP ma? Chen will develop the game? Will Zhang Zhaoyang design template? Even grassroots idol figure king " " or just some basic use of FrontPage... Can. But they can become the Internet industry big boss


understands technology is not your fault, but all day long with "

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