How does Plesk make sure nternet becomes the leader of virtual host


How does Plesk make sure nternet becomes the leader of virtual host

building site, in addition to the host, domain name, the control panel is also more important. A good control panel can enhance the experience of site building, and even increase the security of the site. The world's leading Plesk control panel, covering more than 140 countries, services, about 300000 hosts, not only the use of large quantities, but also good reputation. server is equipped with this Plesk control panel, to provide users with the internationalization of the site experience.

carries the advantage of Plesk, the Hongkong host of

· easy to operate,

visual UI interface, clear functions, simple interface, users only need to click on the icon to carry out the operation. Whether it is installed or uninstalled, enabled or hung up, just a few steps to click on, you can complete, it is really even small white can easily build.

Safe management of


Plesk includes a key backup and recovery, password protection, and the installation procedure, plug-in update timely to remind the users can even directly upgrade, let users enjoy the new features in a timely manner. In the Plesk control panel, there will also be a free Internet SSL certificate for users to help users make the site more secure.

· Chinese support for


Plesk control panel from the official professional team finished compiling, after repeatedly finishing adaptation, now for domestic users, use no language barriers, as well as official Chinese teaching video.

· mobile terminal management website

in addition to the PC side management, Plesk also supports the use of mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminals, users can view the contents of the site in the mobile terminal, upload files, etc., anytime, anywhere management their own web site.


must be interconnected, Hongkong host configuration powerful

will host Hongkong Sheng interconnection using 32 nuclear 96GB memory and super Turbo server host configuration SSD SSD, RAID 10, and the stability of website access speed can be ensured; the Plesk control panel and the Windows and Linux equipped with the support of a key installation deployment of WordPress, Discusz, DedeCMS, Magento, Drupal and other more than 100 applications a key installation deployment; for programmers, the host to support multiple versions of PHP switch, supports up to PHP7, to meet the various development environment required by the programmers, Git also supports with more convenient management, allowing the programmer to code.

In addition to the configuration described above,

will host the Internet host in Hongkong and support the configuration:


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