How to judge the real flow of website


How to judge the real flow of website

, whether engaged in the Internet industry or personal webmaster, no one does not encounter the competitors to analyze the situation, and the other party's real traffic is also urgently needed to know. But really want to know the specific traffic situation, it is estimated to have spies to competitors company, and this spy in this company also have to have a certain position weight, otherwise it will not get the specific flow data. In fact, through the following points, you may be able to assess the specific flow of each other's website. trends

, a lot of people don't really understand why Google trends are used instead of Alexa. After all, Alexa is more famous. The problem in Alexa is now the parties to determine a reference site traffic and other aspects of the situation, which led to many large Internet sites or even individual owners tried to brush Alexa Rankings, which leads to great degree Alexa actually received the artificial interference, Google trend in the industry has been relatively low-key, not doing too much publicity therefore, by the degree of human disturbance is greatly reduced. We might as well take a look at the next set of screenshots,



Here comes the

Alexa through the website ranking to determine how the web site traffic, of course here beware whether brush Alexa Rankings, but the easiest way is to see whether the curve at a time, suddenly appeared soaring abnormal irregular situation of



seen from the first picture in a year in the curve trend is very irregular, a relatively large brush ranking of the suspects, while the second picture is SINA, the overall are relatively flat, rising trend appeared in mid October traffic, in late December a substantial decline trend followed by a rebound, a similar situation is this phenomenon basically all Chinese website, may change the Alexa algorithm or some factors in all site changes, which precludes the suspicion of cheating. As long as through the curve to determine whether the site brush ranking, we can go through the Alexa Rankings to determine the flow of the site.

The number of

3. sites, and the number of major keywords on the site,

a website traffic source is nothing more than two aspects: one is natural input and promotion of the source of imports, and the other is the source of search engines.

it's difficult for us to know the specific nature of input data, but simply from the Baidu index can be simply seen between the two sites of the brand awareness gap, more applications in site comparison, for example in the Baidu index it is clear that users search "Sina", "Sina" keyword search index is far greater than the "Sohu" soh> "

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