Do stand for 3 months Baidu included home page persist in the end is true


Do stand for 3 months Baidu included home page persist in the end is true

yesterday couldn't, do their own websites for more than 3 months, has finally been Baidu included the home page, the excitement that too many webmaster can understand what I say is the site to do 5-6 years, although has been helping a friend, help enterprises to do, but never considered the website ranking ah, included in this issue, all the people asked me to do, change, finally take the money.

is now doing, I had the idea is very simple, just find a good domain name, buy space, make sure the page can have a lot of people, but it is not so smooth, here I put my own experience say that, as a summary of ADMIN5 learning.

actually want to do for a long time, most of the time is spent in thinking, I think many webmaster and I have the same experience, in front of the computer, the brains of creative thought, want to do what can attract people, want to buy a good domain name, even I have considered doing a Wangzhuan site Oh, that would be really miss.

The first step of

, I registered the name, is believed to have experience of a friend, but also know the domain name is Baidu Chinese love, especially when associated with the content, but the name suffix is not good, many users do not know what is the info suffix, due to their own programmer identity, I very confident, because info is synonymous with information, but I later found himself in the wrong name, or a good COM, but has been bought, it be very important to.

Second step

, because I can only ASP, so it has been used to SITE WEAVER 6.6, the function is not how to move, just add a add chain function (the reason did not move, one is because SW itself is perfect, the official update is very slow, you afraid of chaos to change security the other one is a problem, even if I change should be carefully recorded in time, after the anti official update of their changes to cover all don't know, this is a good habit, everything is done, then record) template, META, DESCRIPTION, I will not SEO no, that kind of resources, see a lot of SEO, found the hands of the "resource" is very important, such as some high PR and the flow of the site can point to you, then collected and ranking is relatively faster, and I do, what did not I usually go to work and study, so I don't have much time. What I can do is to do my own thing.

Third step

content, after all, the website is to cater to Baidu search and new explanation of the term, in order to make the content I and others do not conflict, are looking for their own content, basically is a collection of 20 days about this, now slowly, but after Baidu included, I still insist on 1-2 day to update, after all this is the "study period". >

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