How can English domain name be transferred out


How can English domain name be transferred out

1, what are the conditions for Registrar of domain names?

(1) only the registrant of the domain name or the management contact person has the right to apply for the transfer of the registrar;

(2) domain name is in the normal state (Active), and there is no judicial dispute, arbitration and dispute in itself. There is no question of arrears;

(3) has registered domain names successfully for more than 60 days, or 1 months before the domain name expires,

(4) domain name management contact letter box must be valid and can reply the confirmation letter mailbox promptly;

(5) the original registrar agreed to roll out. Please contact the Registrar first, if the original registrar does not agree, transferred to the business will not succeed.

2, how do you handle international domain name transfer (transfer steps)?

please check the whois details of the domain name and make sure that your domain name is in line with the terms of the transfer. If yes, please follow the following procedure:

(1) requests to become user;

(2) into the "management center" to "customer center" - "the answer", submit the transfer registrar application;

(3) the entire operation takes about 10 business days;

After the

(4) domain name is successfully transferred, the system automatically manages the domain name into your member account.

(5).Org English domain name transfer, you need to provide the necessary fax.

3, how will the international domain name transfer be charged?

according to the provisions of ICANN, the domain name registrar transfer must be on the basis of the original registration deadline postponed a year, so this year into the domain name must pay the registration fee, the cost of the standard equivalent to the new international domain name registration a year of price.

4, why is the international domain name transferred unsuccessfully?

if your international domain name transfer operation is not successful, it may be the following questions:

(1) ACTIVE (domain name is not active), query the domain state through the whois system, a STATUS domain status display is not ACTIVE (most of the time to lock status: REGISTRAR-LOCK), the domain name to be successful, the customer to confirm the confirmation letter will fail. If this problem occurs, please contact the domain name registrar. Please ask the Registrar to restore the domain name to ACTIVE (or lift the lock status of the domain name). If the customer fails in the business,

(2) did not agree to turn out the original registrar. Please contact the original registrar for the domain name transfer procedures, and then submit the international domain name transfer business in the domain name channel.

(3) domain name expired. Please contact the original registrar, for domain name renewal formalities, and then in 60 days.

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