Logistics website and user experience


Logistics website and user experience


is now the logistics website, logistics enterprise information platform portal station, relatively large, but it is used on the network logistics website, I do not think there is a lot of, especially in Yunnan logistics market. Enterprise station to say, but a large amount of information for door apartment layout logistics site, open a website, a large impression is dense, the information content of so much, even for people who often find trouble, not to mention those on the net is not skilled people. Then, the user experience of logistics website is a very important job.

in fact, for many websites, the user experience is an indispensable part of the website optimization, there is a saying that is to say, "the site is for the user to see first, followed by search engines."". My understanding is: whether the website's program code, website architecture and the optimization inside and outside the site are the foundation, is a friendly foundation for search engines, more importantly, the user experience. Because the site even do so beautiful, so a solid foundation, but nobody came to your site, or people to use your website to feel very good, so the same is not up to the critical effect. And the fact has proved that the relevant search engine has become more and more important to the website user experience.

starting point: user groups, status quo,

in fact, any thing is based on the actual situation to start, and through practice to improve the user experience. For the website, the actual situation of the user groups is the starting point of construction and optimization. According to Lu Lu Bao electronic logistics network on the recent situation of Yunnan logistics market, as well as on the Kunming logistics company to understand the situation, logistics website user group is the first living logistics demand query, delivery people work, but also one of the most important groups of.

well, after understanding the main user groups, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of these people and operating habits of the site. Have to admit, different people have different Internet operation habits, and there is no perfect website can perfectly satisfy all users. Some people want to operate, but do not know where to point, and even some people are too lazy to use the left mouse button to point. Logistics website user groups and unlike some shop selling clothes, young users less, whether some long-term demand of freight production enterprises, or in daily life need of logistics delivery of ordinary Internet users, even users men and women users, their different operating habits, want to meet most people, I think we should follow the eight a word - focused, concise". Let the process flow smoothly and let people know where to look.

key point: users really need

can say that what the user really wants is the point that the site needs to highlight. That is what we have said. I think navigation should be clear and concise, the main business section shows that it is enough, there is no need to be very complicated, so that people will look very tired, looking for is also very tired. >

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