Students should pay attention to several aspects of doing web work


Students should pay attention to several aspects of doing web work

time has passed so fast that it was September. He became a webmaster has been more than 1 years in the past, just contact do stand, for a top-level domain and sorrow, for a free space around the application for dozens of IP, and now finally a tread on air, the station, the monthly income is just enough in the life of the school fees recently! The station was sold to spare in stationmaster net station, sell money to prepare for a fine arts college entrance examination station and QQ station.

summed up the previous experience of station building, students do stand, I think pay attention to the following aspects:

1  find your way. Don't see the station network, you want to engage in a, what are the favorable factors the result of joint action. As a student webmaster, when the preferred and their related aspects, such as your love can be a QQ space QQ space station, station and other non mainstream, these resources don't need much space, and not what is involved for copyright infringement, can act boldly. Once the theme of the site, do not arbitrarily change, first find your competitors, analyze the following what others do, their own learning by doing, learn from each other, don't dream today website online, tomorrow breakthrough million mark, do stand like love, need to slowly cultivate feelings, can not meet today's getting married tomorrow


2    SEO  learning; not to let you cheat, here SEO is the most basic knowledge of website optimization, I think this is a novice webmaster should know something, such as the words to determine, I generally do not choose the most hot words, the choice of several key words, I usually choose 4, how to describe the page title, I generally think of the long tail word through them, to take it into a sentence. There are web density control, new sites try to do some links, in Baidu or ask hair point outside the chain, to ensure fast included. (but beware, at Baidu know that post must be careful)

3  good station mentality, a good commander, must have good mental quality. Do the station can not be impatient, updated every day on the article, send some links, appropriate publicity. Don't just stare at your statistics do not put, in addition to check your keywords, but also consider the antecedents of change, visitor access experience, how to make the station has the advantages of simple structure, more clearly, the page more clear, try to think, if you are a visitor, you want to look for what, how to present information to your visitors and don't let them find the most of the day, to find the full of rubbish and outdated information, don't you stand up ads everywhere.

4  select the domain name and space domain name first choice COM, although COM expensive more than 50 yuan, but always feel COM looked relatively cool, like a regular station appearance. If not too much money, CN is still a good choice. Although Baidu is more and more difficult to collect CN, but do it carefully, it will certainly be recognized by Baidu, which can greatly rest assured

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