UCenter Home is just a congenital malformation in the SNS family


UCenter Home is just a congenital malformation in the SNS family

The basic features of

SNS are UCenter, Home, and UCenter Home is the congenital malformation of the SNS family.

1) defects in registered data

please see friends, which SNS program is no school information, company information, perfect? But this is the most basic features of SNS, UCH? But you say you don't sing? You have time and again to the house! Members plus the results have no UCH litters.

2) pick the flaw (that is, the group)

The flaw with

's selection is that it does not have a basic text editor function. Do not add to the reason, needless to say, I am afraid to affect the development of the DZ forum. But is that the reason? Is it all right? Well, you said it's not the reason, then why didn't you add it? It's a technical problem, an idiot would say. You don't need this function. You ask ten members, and no 9 say you need me. I don't mix here.

3) would you like to give an example? SNS's hands and feet are gone. Is that normal,


UCH is just a congenital malformation in the SNS family. And the reason is who caused it? Dare to say it is not intentional? For their own nest, do everything possible to take care of, for fear that other people's children stronger than their own homes. Don't deny, that's what you did. If you are really considerate of everyone, please release a normal SNS. This is normal. We just need it to have basic SNS features. Don't insist on putting on a gorgeous coat. If you don't want it, please take it back. Don't affect your reputation. Corrupt one's character.

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