Talk about why the website flow is low and the reason that does not have flow


Talk about why the website flow is low and the reason that does not have flow

Why didn't

website traffic flow, this is a lot of the most frequently asked questions, but also the most headache problem for non business model sites did not flow is equal to no power, because we are put on the grassroots station website alliance advertising, and advertising alliance not may not flow how much income, the general flow must be in thousands of units may be earning a hundred yuan may. What is the main reason the site does not flow here? Pepsi computer network summed up the reasons, a ban mennong tiger, if there are good places to write, look about.

1: webmaster did not effectively improve the efficiency of the site

many webmaster will do some repeated every day and no function, the webmaster favorite thing to do every day are:

1, the first thing is to open the computer to see the website statistics, many owners put their love statistics at the bottom of the website, even a web site to put more than 2 statistical code, first by the Internet every day to see how the site visits, although statistics can view the site size, know site traffic, but the site visits there are several times every day to see the necessary? The general site daily flow are similar, there is no need to look at every day;

2, the world ranking and Baidu snapshot, ranking itself can brush, and statistics are not accurate, because only install the Alexa plug-in is world ranking statistics, it is necessary to look at every day? As long as the website Baidu snapshot updated quickly, the original degree is high, why not new snapshot will be better; the time saved to write your theme of the original article is good.

3, look at advertising revenue, some Adsense site traffic is not much, but hung a lot of advertising, like to often go to see, today there is no advertising, click on no income. For advertising sites, there is no certain traffic basis, it is difficult to obtain a certain amount of income, in fact, as long as the amount of access up, income naturally go up.

every day to do the above 3 things have wasted a lot of time, if the optimization and SEO can fully grasp the time to do some of the content on the website, is not to increase website traffic more favorable? Every day things above, the long-term accumulated, to waste much time to make good use of these? How much time can increase the flow of


two: the site itself is not perfect and the optimization is not in place,


webmaster, web content is not much, but everywhere advertising, that he has written several articles on the website for everyone can love, is not a simple thing, some owners insist completely soon give up, by the daily update and start to flow the original article, not much improvement began to give up, now the station is very fierce competition, Baidu is not friendly to the railway station, the site not included or included in the Baidu sandbox, not months of work can't get much traffic from Baidu. Another is website optimization, including internal and external optimizations, and internal optimizations

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