The correct analysis of smart home industry website in order to do promotion


The correct analysis of smart home industry website in order to do promotion

in this era of rapid Internet development, good internet marketing is the major business of the major industries. According to the competition analysis of smart home industry, the competition degree of Internet is very fierce. Well, how to do Internet promotion? The correct analysis of smart home industry website, in order to do a good job promotion.

one, carding promotion channels:

Internet marketing can be described as a variety of what is the best and most effective promotion, you need the right sort. Internet promotion channels, I believe many people will think of Baidu. Baidu is the largest platform for directional flow, the intelligent Home Furnishing industry in Baidu promotion competition is very fierce, the Baidu promotion has not much effect, so we can pay attention to other platforms.

brand 1. portal website promotion, (in Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent and other professional portal hanging vertical advertising, display quantity and traffic advantages: in particular, disadvantages: high cost, which belongs to the industry giant class company do promotion).

2., WeChat, micro-blog promotion, WeChat and micro-blog are popular mobile social applications, with hundreds of millions of users, WeChat, micro-blog and other promotion will receive unexpected results. (WeChat public certification fee 300, micro-blog certified free).

3. Forum promotion, Forum promotion is always a way to promote the network popularization personnel attention, there are a large number of intelligent Home Furnishing Industry Forum on the Internet, of course, other large forum also contains Home Furnishing and home appliances section, then you can do promotion in these forum platform.

4. soft Wen promotion, soft Wen promotion is the latest popular way of promotion, of course, do soft Wen promotion soft Wen quality, need a certain level, can please professional writing. Promotion platform: NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other portals for soft Wen promotion. There are other channels that need to be developed.

two, analysis of competition in the industry:

correct analysis of the smart home industry competition, so as to effectively do a good job in network promotion, according to the smart home industry analysis, the correct analysis of the competitiveness of each platform is the necessary work.

The degree of competition analysis

1. search engine promotion, search engine promotion and other search engines such as Baidu, 360, according to the analysis of search engine promotion Home Furnishing intelligent search engine promotion industry, competition is very intense, it is not recommended to try to do, see details below:

2. portal brand promotion competition analysis, this is a very expensive promotion way, at present, the smart home industry to do this type of promotion company, only Samsung, Haier and other large companies. Do the promotion of this type can use Baidu, Google and other web promotion way.

3., WeChat, micro-blog promotion competition analysis, we shop outside, can be seen everywhere, shops have a two-dimensional code, visible big businesses WeChat promotion attention. Of course, WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms

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