Suggestions for friends who do servers


Suggestions for friends who do servers

many server friends, when installing systems must remember these questions:

1, install the

system. When installing the server operating system must remember the Microsoft enterprise server installed version installed, do not save time to install the tomato garden installed version, because these things have been changed in place, when the server was added after there will be a variety of problems. This saves time, but it takes a lot of time to deal with vulnerabilities.

2, never open any web page on the server. Servers are not home desktops, and it's strongly recommended that you don't open any pages to save more time and reduce your maintenance costs later.

3, update the maintenance server time must be selected. Time general server patch and maintenance should be put in the customer access time from which we China information port as an example, we generally update patch server maintenance time is generally placed at 4-5 in the morning, it is time to update faster server access and speed. It's much easier to maintain the server.

above is what I say to you a little bit bad, we do not mind ah.

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