The two attempt to do city sites from UGC to navigation


The two attempt to do city sites from UGC to navigation


this is a special city activity information website, "rest", similar to "where to go", is a city activities navigation site, only on-line 5 days.

is associated with the activities of the city has a lot of products, like watercress, 58 city and so on, why not introduce such a new project, because its founders in 2010 had created Chia Wei Tong a special city activities information website "cool". Before the site or operation by him, why 3 years later to do a similar site? The same person did two similar products, what is the difference between


" I think this city activities especially in the big city really needs, but who did not do a good job, so I use a variety of ways to try and see if you can find a better model of " the lowest cost for start-up; and summed up their own idea of Chia Wei tong.

in 2010, then launched watercress city has 2 years of time, Chia Wei Tong think there should be a special activities of the city site, not just a section of second-hand products website or small fresh art gathered in the website, so they come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a vertical class website "cool city". At that time social networking websites on the Internet is popular to do circle, after the cool city also used the same methods: user registration, apply for the establishment of a website by club, after an audit by the club line, initiated by club, is actually the main circle, to try to make the circle of members, and information dissemination activities, organize offline activities responsible for their maintenance and active circle.

City cool, then launched a mobile version of Android, users can e-mail or mobile phone real-time tips to get their own circle of information.

, this is a very heavy operating model, the overall web site user base and liveness requirements are very high, but when the city just introduced cool, these two points are not obvious. In order to promote the growth of users, Tong Chia Wei recruited seven or eight BD. At that time, no big money hit hard advertising, BD can only be published on the major media, half a year spent more than ten thousand, accumulated tens of thousands of users.

spent all the money, but the effect was not obvious. These tens of thousands of users include both the club owners and the people who come up for activity, which obviously can't bring enough activity and produce rich content.

do not have the money not playing brand, vertical activities of the city site is not like watercress, 58 city that can cross flow down between each plate of website has no Sina, like micro-blog have so large user base and communication. No large user base, the so-called 2/8 principle, the content of the user is relatively small.

The development of

, so that Tong doubts that small entrepreneurial team is suitable for the use of such UGC Fang?

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