Yi Bai talking about the operation of local door


Yi Bai talking about the operation of local door

I'm not a professional writer. I just speak my experience. I don't have good language skills. I just want people to understand what I'm talking about, and that's OK.

said the operation and promotion, although this area according to different methods and there are many forms of operation, but these must be based on you a good web service system, at least from the technology can be achieved with the needs of the users, so that you have the necessary promotion website, if you do not have these you have a waste of money necessary to popularize the website: "1, no obvious technical mistakes. 2, the website has plenty of content, don't go to my website whimsical to let others know, someone will help me to add content to this, you are completely mistaken, 3, local portal users need to understand each other what you really need, you can go to the survey, in one thousand questionnaires, someone asked, so not only let people know you, will let you have a goal." The above 3 points are very important, not just to find a CMS system you can do a local portal, users need to understand what you have to offer, what, this will make your next promotion can achieve the effect you want.

promotion in many ways, there are many forms, I will say below I can really achieve the purpose of the method:

1, Internet cafes cooperation, cooperation in many forms, this you can consult with the Internet cafe boss to determine your way of cooperation, Internet cafe is our site to take a very effective method.

2, local portal advertising, how can find ads! Don't worry, do not go to the community publicity, unless you are ready to engage in promotional activities, or do not go out, because it will make you a advertisers see, don't think you have the strength. Oh! We are taking the door post, is making very fine bell tips to make the fine points of the premise, to the high point of the cell to paste, the benefits you do, you will know the benefits of this method.

3, activities, speaking of activities, many people will think a little difficult, in fact, is not difficult. Require, at the beginning, the popularity is not much, even if there are few, Never mind to find your friends, they will be happy to participate, ready promotional materials and cameras, so long in the past and you will succeed!

I'll say that today. I hope everyone will understand, ha ha. Don't be polite or polite to me,


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